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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 55

The Evening Star

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The Evening Star

The attendance at the Harbor Board meeting last night, the possible resignation of the chairman, and the naming of "a member" who had forfeited his seat, had a wonderful effect upon several of the nominees. All bluster was absent, and a general uneasiness noticeable. Indeed the storm may be said to have cleared the atmosphere a little. It will have this effect at least. It will prevent individual members rolling logs in such bare-faced manner as heretofore. It will prevent individual members from going to those they have placed in position and getting them to put on their cronies. This has been done in the past. If the, members of the Board question the statement, we are prepared to name the member of the Board and the official who acted as we have stated. It will perhaps compel the members of the Board to act as much in harmony as is possible for such an ill-assorted body. The applause that greeted Mr Kennedy's determination to remain on the Board showed tolerably well that he had the confidence of the public, and indicated that his would-be censors were not sympathised with in the smallest degree. We need not refer further to this matter. It is just as well to bury it, and give the Board another chance of doing their duty. It is certain that fear of losing his seat will keep one member within reasonable bounds, and although the balls may be manufactured all the same, I greater difficulty will now be experienced in getting them fired, unless indeed the manufacturer performs the part of gunner himself in future. In short the attempt made to reduce the status of the Board to the log-rolling basis of the County Council sometime ago—now happily also freed—has been nipped in time, and there is reason to believe that in the appointments to be made from this out the question of efficient men rather than ardent supporters will have more weight with the majority of the Board, who having had their eyes now thoroughly opened will view with keen scrutiny the capabilities of any one brought forward.

A meeting of the Harbor Board will be held this evening. It is not true, as rumored on Saturday last, that an admission fee of half-a-crown will be charged, although we admit that we have often paid two-and-sixpence for far less amusement.