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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Second Preparatory Class

Second Preparatory Class.

Bell, Madge 2826 Dayton street.
Boeckeler, Charlotte 1119 Paul street.
Carlisle. May S 816 Garrison avenue.
Conrad. Lilian 1023 Valle avenue.
Douglas, Florence L 3554 Pine street.
Elliot. Attie B 2815 Stoddard street.
Eliot. Dora D 2660 Washington avenue.
Eston, Blanche 3323 Pine street.
Gauss, Lulu A 3649 Washington avenue.
Good, Jennie S 2346 Olive street.
Gundetach, Annie L 1510 Washington avenue.
Hammett. Guy M Narrow Guage R. R.
Harris. E. Edith 3743 Washington avenue.
Hughes. Cliffie E 3537 Morgan street.
Humphreys, May 3412 Lucas avenue.
Hyde, Chaille F 3141 Locust street.
Learned. Agnes W 1748 Waverly Place.
Lewis. Mary McC 2601 Pine street.
Lowery, Carrie Compton Hill.
Martin. Edith 3542 Pine street.
Noland, May 3024 Pine street.
Parker. Amanda H 2817 Dayton street.
Patrick, May H 3708 Washington avenue.
Pike. Lillian 2826 Gamble street.
Plant, Mattie D 3635 Washington avenue.
Pocock, Jesse L 3103 Bell street.
Scudder, Belle W 3623 Olive street.
Smith, Clara B 2819 Dayton street.
Thompson, Camilla S 3100 Easton avenue.
Turner, Nancy L Normandy.
Wherry. Eliza P 3131 Lucas avenue.
Total, 31.