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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

First Academic Class

First Academic Class.

Alger. Anita M 3455 Laclede avenue.
Allen. Anna M 2805 Russell avenue.
Chamberlain, Hattie E 1819 Washington avenue.
Downs. Anna Omnha, Neb.
page 147
Name. Residence.
Gauss. Adele L 3649 Washington avenue.
Gill, Annebel H Kirkwood, Mo.
Harrison. Ada 2724 Olive street.
Harrison. Dora S. 2835 Olive street.
Hospes. Cecelia L 1623 Salisbury street.
Humphreys. Susie E 2910 Morgan street.
Kehlor. Carrie E 3606 Vandeventer Place.
Knapp, Alice E 2732 Pine street.
Matthews. Belle 1000 Grand avenue.
McDowell. Julia M 2401 Washington avenue.
McLaran, Alice 3556 Lindell avenue.
Mead, Florence I Jennings Station.
Moore. Bettie W 2730 Lucas avenue.
Paddock, Eva 3629 Washington avenue.
Powell, Emma W Glendale.
Rhodus. Ella M 3625 Cook avenue.
Kychlicki. Eugenia Kings High'y Pageav.
Schuetze. Lily C 1024 S. 8th street.
Sells. Sarah 3424 Washington avenue.
Souther, Cornelia 4140 Lindell avenue.
Wright. Anna M 2937 Washington avenue.
Total, 25.