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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Third Preparatory Class

page 154

Third Preparatory Class.

Name. Residence.
Anderson, Florence B 2828 Morgan street.
Bell, Bessie 2826 Dayton street.
Brookinire. Cornelia F 2733 Lucus avenue.
Childs. Mary B 2310 Eugenia street.
Daughaday. Ella M 3417 Pine street.
Dyer, Lizzie 3111 Lucas avenue.
Eliot. Margaret D 2635 Locust street.
Franklin. Edith A 3001 Lafayette avenue.
Fritsch, Laura E 1005 Hickory street.
Gault, Grace 2641 Washington avenue.
Gauss, Mamie G 3649 Washington avenue.
Goddard, Abbie W 2920 Gamble street.
Haas, Mary A Mary Institute.
Hermann. Nellie L 2835 Washington avenue.
Hildreth, Zoe Washington & Grand av.
Humphreys, Nellie W 3412 Lucas avenue.
Hunt. Prudie M 3571 Lindell avenue.
Keillor. L. Josie 3606 Vandeventer Place.
Kennard, Sa Lees 703 Garrison avenue.
Lane, Belle 3640 Pine street.
Lindsley, May A 3030 Morgan street.
Moses, Marie P 2901 Washington avenue.
Obear, Mary S. Grand & McRee aves.
Polack, Dollie T 2920 Pine street.
Ripley, Lucy G 2734 Lucas avenue.
Sproule, Eliza S 3555 Pine street.
Taylor, Annie G 2818 Washington avenue.
Thompson, Emma M 3645 Pine street.
Wear, Mildred 3027 Mordan street.
Wenzel. Maggie C 801 Franklin avenue.
White. Chloe B 3026 Lucas avenue.
Total, 31.