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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Description of the Shops and Tools

Description of the Shops and Tools.

There are in all five large shops. A third-story room 50 feet by 40 feet is so fitted up that it can be used as a carpenter shop, or as a wood-turning shop. A second-story room, 50×40 feet, is fitted up as a carpenter shop. Another second-story room, 40×40 feet, is furnished with lathes and benches for wood-turning and pattern-making.

page 139

A ground-floor room 40×40 feet serves as a forging shop, being furnished with twenty forges, anvils, &c.

The machine shop and engine room is on the first floor, 50×40 feet. It contains eleven lathes, two drills, a planer, a shaper, and a full set of benches and vises.

As a rule, each shop has uniform accommodations for a class of twenty pupils Three such classes or divisions can be taught daily in each. Four divisions could be taught by extending the range of a school day to eight, hours. Bach pupil has one of the uniform sets of hand, edge-tools for his exclusive use, kept in a locked drawer. For the care and safety of these tools he is held responsible.