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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Second Year Class

Second Year Class.

Alvord, George E 2728 Morgan street.
Beebe, Grant Geneva, Ills.
Behrens. Charles J 1923 Wash street.
Bignall. Ernest 2723 Lucas avenue.
Blood, Harry S Virginia City. Montana.
Bruegel, Ad. Theodore Cherryville. Pa.
Coles. Walter De R 3004 Olive street.
Conistock. Claude N Albany, Mo.
Dunn. Wallace Peoria. Ills.
Eaton. George D Marine, Ills.
Einstein. Alfred C 2707 Morgan street.
Gamble, Hamilton R 3117 Franklin avenue.
Grayson, Charles 1112 N. 14th street.
Harrison. Thomas G Belleville, Ills.
Haynes. Will S Memphis, Tenn.
Hereford, Gerald G Ferguson.
Herold, Victor H 2103 Carondelet avenue.
Hinchman, George 1917 LaSalle street.
Ittner, Benjamin F 3125 Lafayette avenue.
Klipstein, Ernest C 1700 Franklin avenue.
Kohl, Julius F Belleville. Ills.
Langdon, Charles A Castleton, Vt.
Marks, James L Pine Bluff, Ark.
Massey, John, Jr Salem, Mo.
Mathey, Constant 1021 Dolman street.
McClatchey, Samuel F 3643 Carondelet avenue.
McGinnis, Harold F Lynch & Salina streets.
Mermod. Alex. D. 3631 Delmar avenue.
Miller, Rolph H 2719 Wash street.
Mills, George S 2732 Dickson street.
Muilberger, Frederic Caseyville, Ills.
page 131
Name. Residence.
O'Keefe. William 722 Garrison avenue.
Olfe, Otto 739 S. 7th street.
Outley, Charles B 2306 Miami street.
Pflager. Harry M 322 S. High street.
Plass, Willie C. Jr South St. Louis.
Preetorius, Edward 2013 Park avenue.
Reel. Frank Baden, City of St. Louis.
Richards, William F 2950 Thomas street.
Rohmberg, J. H. Dubuque, Iowa.
Scott, Henry Clingan 2048 Lucas avenue.
Silver. Percy 2317 Clark avenue.
Skaggs, Abram M Rest, Tex.
Shands, Edward S. P. 2616 Clark avenue.
Smith, George East Saint Louis.
Smith, Oric Kirkwood, Mo.
Springer. Chas. E. Chicago, Ills.
Stanford, Reed Alton, Ills.
Wise. Homer 3203 Pine street.
Wnerpel, Edmund H Coahuila, Mex.
Wyeth, Harry B Jones avenue, between Page and Cook.
Total, 51.