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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50


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Name. Residence.
Adams, Miss Mamie Belleville, Ills.
Althen, Harry 2016 Sidney street.
Appel, Fred 3312 N. 9th street.
Ande, Otto 1526 N. 18th street.
Ansel, August 1849 Rosatti street.
Baker, Miss Minnie Taylor 3217 Washington avenne.
Barbee, Miss Louise Tower Grove, St. Louis.
Barnes, Mrs. Chas. W. 3406 Pine street.
Barth. Emile 2501 Biddle street.
Bauman, Edward 2828 Wisconsin avenue.
Beasley, Miss Maggie 1309 Washington avenue.
Bignall, John Irving 2723 Lucas avenue.
Bowles, Michael Andrew 2347 Market street.
Bowman, Miss Sarah 3029 Washington avenue.
Bragdon, Miss Levutine 1918 La Salle street.
Braun, Edward 2210 N. 16th street.
Brinkmeyer. Henry C 20th and Benton streets.
Brown, Peter 3 Ewing avenue.
Brown, Miss Lillian Mason Kirkwood. Mo.
Bryan, Miss Laura Prichart 2800 Russell avenue.
Buehl, Herman 3850 Carondelet ave.
Buggle, Joseph T 804 S. 3d street.
Bull, Miss Alice South St. Louis.
Cabanne, Miss Sussy St. Louis.
Cady, Geo. M. 1430 Papin street.
Cairns. Miss Clara Ellen 3204 Pine street.
Campbell, Edward Morton Hannibal, Mo.
Carr, Miss Eliza 2807 Chestnut street.
Catlin. Mrs. Robert 3636 Olive street.page 77
Chambers, Frank 2621 Wash street.
Chapman, Miss Celeste 1012 Autumn street.
Chase, Dr. Henry S 919 Olive street.
Clarke, Miss Woodlawn, Mo.
Clark, Miss Elizabeth Parks 3215 Washington avenue.
Clary, James W 502 Carr street.
Cleland, Wm 2836 Market street.
Clemmons, Miss Eliza Carrollton, Ills.
Connor, Abner Francis 1914 La Beaume street.
Cornoyer, Paul Joseph 3032 Penrose street.
Costner, Henry A 922 Olive street.
Craig, Miss Alice Greenville, Ills.
Craige, Miss Mary S 1806 Washington avenue.
Davis, Miss Mary Cornelia Tower Grove, St. Louis.
Desbonne, Jules 4th and Haven street.
Doughty, Alfred 1216 Broadway.
Drake, Charles 3138 Thomas St.
Dresser, Lovel Benton and Solomon Avenue
Du Puy, Mrs. J. J. Memphis, Tenn.
Dwyer, Jerry St. Louis.
Dwyer, Michael 107 South 15th St.
Eichbaum, Miss Lizzie Leslie Cor. Phare avenue and Hereford street.
Engleman, Mrs. Geo 3003 Locust street.
Ette, James H 2519 N. 15th street.
Evans, Miss Agues Lenore 2635 Olive street.
Ewald, Miss Chouteau ave. St. Louis.
Fairchild, Miss. Mary Webster Groves, Mo.
Fallon, Addison L 10th and St. Charles sts.
Fallon, John F 10th and St. Charles sts,
Fallon, Mrs. Cora 3129 Washington avenue.
Fallon, Miss Cora 3129 Washington avenue.
Farrar, Garrie 3841 Washington avenue.
Fasset, Frank 1801 Preston Place.
Fish, Miss Cora 2323 Carr street.
Fish, Albert 2323 Carr street.
Franklin, Miss Ida M 2033 Lynch street.page 78
Fravell, Miss Anna Mary 1827 Franklin avenue.
Fulton, Miss Florence Wellsman 2719 Chestnut street.
Garaesche, Miss Marie Rosella 3108 Morgan street.
Gardner. Miss Maude 2608 Olive street.
Garin, Miss Lizzie St. Louis.
Gerst, John 706 Cass avenue.
Gibson, Gerolt 2046 LaFayette avenue.
Gilbert, Miss Ida M 1310 S. Ewing avenue.
Gillibrand, Geo 2624 Penrose street.
Goff, Albert H 1925 Olive street.
Goodwin, John 10th and Washington Avenue.
Gowdy, Miss Sarah G Monmouth, Ills.
Grable, Cyrus 3107 Chestnut street.
Greene, Miss Carrie 19 S. 15th street.
Greene. Miss Julia 19 S. 15th street.
Groves, Wm. Dallas 1224 Washington avenue.
Guedry, Miss Caddie Prairie Avenue.
Hall, Miss Lizzie Iva Independence, Kan.
Hambleton. Miss Sarah Fair Grounds, St. Louis.
Hamilton, Miss Leouora Ashgrove, Mo.
Hammer, Ludwig 1905 Sidney street.
Hardy, Miss Mattie Bryan, Texas.
Harris, Miss Nellie 2720 Morgan street,
Harrison. Miss Betty Chicago. Ills.
Hartman, Emile 1335 S. 7th street.
Hauschulte, Wm. J. 4127 Broadway.
Haynes. Mrs. Hattie Garner Stringtown, I. T.
Heaton, Harry R Carrollton Ills.
Herget, George Cor. California and Orange streets.
Hewitt, Miss Bertha Upper Alton. Ills.
Hibbard, Miss Emma Victoria South St. Louis.
Hill, Miss Nannie Fayette, Ark.
Hiller, Harry 2003 N. 14th street.
Hinde, Miss Vernetta 3217 Washington avenue.
Hogel, Miss Virginia Salem. Mo.
Hoke. Miss Mattie 2007 California avenue.page 79
Hopkins, Miss Anna 1821 Park Place.
Howard, Miss Eliza 112 S. 16th street.
Howard, Mrs. de Insane Asylum, St Louis.
Huhges, Miss Belle Cook avenue. West of Vandeventer Place.
Humphreys, David C 1351 Washington avenue.
Huppert, Edmund Alex South St. Louis.
Husbands, Miss Josephine 1705 Olive street.
Ivory, Miss. Louise 2702 Locust street.
Jameson, H. Sherman 2342 Olive street.
Jewett, Miss Mary St. Louis.
Joerding, Charlie 1616 Montgomery street.
Johnston, Miss Laclede, Mo.
Jones, Miss Martha Frank 1309 Washington avenue.
Kahorll, Eddie 1815 Benton street.
Kaupt, Mike Casak street.
Keith, Dr. H. H. 1617 Washington avenue.
Keller, Mrs. Frane Elizabeth 1521 Pine street.
Keil, Gus 213 South 3rd street.
Kimball, Miss Mary
Kingsberry, Miss Greeneville, Ills.
Kirchner, Miss 1933 Benton street.
Kirn, George 1935 St. Charles street.
Kloeppinger, George 629 S. 5th street.
Klopp, H. J. 1402 Pine street.
Kollas, George 2213 State street.
Krucera, Vladislaw 18th and Benton streets.
Langanback, 1017 N. 14th street.
Langanback, Alfred 1311 Carr street.
Lange, August 1113 Chambers street.
Lange, William 1113 Chambers street.
Lange, David 1314 Elliot avenue.
Lauter, Miss Eloise 1918 La Salle street.
Lechtenberg. Frank 10th and Washington avenue
Lewis, Miss Emma Shelbyville, Ky.
Lightburn, Miss A. E. 3535 Carondelet avenue.page 80
Linden. E. F. St. Louis.
Linden, Edward 1715 Grand avenue.
Lippelt, 1546 Carondelet avenue.
Longman, John Bradshaw 3113 Easton avenue.
Lumaghi. Miss Teresina 2129 Walnut street
Lynch, Thomas B 1008 Olive street.
Manny, Arthur 2710 Otive street.
Marshall, T. B.
Martin, William City Auditor's Office.
Maury, Miss Cornelia South St. Louis.
May. Miss Kate 2713 Gamble street.
McClure, Miss Kate Greenfield, Mo.
Mclntyre, Miss Nellie 2821 Easton avenue.
McLean, Miss Christine 3912 Page avenue.
McNally, James 115 Summit avenue.
Meagher. John F 3118 Brantner Place.
Meagher, James 3118 Brantner Place.
Mensendick, Herman 3510 N. 17th street.
Mermod, Miss Mary E Delmar and Grand aves.
Meybery, Mitchell S
Miller, Joseph G 3529 Lindell avenue.
Mills, Miss Jennie 2743 Morgan street.
Mills, Wm. Elligood 2743 Morgan street.
Moore, Austin S Vandeventer avenue bet. Page and Cook
Morrill. Miss Jennie Sarah Upper Alton, Ills.
Morrison, Mrs. Lizzie Francis 307 N. Compton avenue.
Moya, Dalgo Washington, Mo.
Murray, Robert 2210 Carr street.
Murray, William 1210 N. Market street.
Nicholas, Miss Cherry Mae 1400 Franklin avenue.
Nash, Miss Maggie L 2125 Walnut street,
Niehaus, Edward 3065 Easton avenue.
Nohl, Frank Oscar 1611 State street.
Owens, Miss Stella 2922 S. 7th street.
Pahlman, John Henry 1701 Wash street(Marine, Ills.)
Parker, E. C. 26 Targee street.page 81
Patrick, Mrs. Eliza 1618 Washington avenue.
Patrick, John Douglas, Glenn P.O., Johnston Co., Kansas.
Peckham, Miss Kate 944 Chouteau avenue.
Peidnoir, Hector, 313 S. 5th street.
Pickle, Miss Anna 837 S. 8th street.
Pickle, Shelly 837 S. 8th street.
Pickle, Jacob 1006 N. 11th street.
Plant. Miss Sallie Greenville, Ills.
Plass. William South St. Louis.
Plumb, Miss Sarah Louise Greenville, Ills
Potter, Miss 2616 Locust street.
Quesnel, 3151 Brantner Place.
Quinby, Miss Jessie Delmas 2817 Morgan street.
Raabe, William 15 Webster street.
Redman, Miss Lulu 2616 Locust street.
Rehbrin, Henry 1006 N. Compton ave.
Reid, Georg 321 N. 4th street.
Reid, Miss Jennie 2d and Chippewa sts.
Repp, Julius 1711 N. 12th street.
Richardson, Fort Worth, Texas.
Ridington, Blair 1518 Wright street.
Robinson. Miss Ida 2901 Glasgow avenue.
Rocklage. Frank 1609 St. Louis avenue.
Rogers, Line D 1313 Franklin avenue.
Rombauer, 1919 Lami street.
Roth, Miss Rosa 1806 Washington avenue
Sanguinet, Marshall 4010 Finney avenue.
Schraubstadter, 920 Morrison avenue.
Seifert, Frank 1409 Franklin avenue.
Sharp, Miss South St. Louis.
Sharpe, Mrs. S. T. St. Louis,
Simpson, Miss 1028 Clay avenue.
Smith, Miss Lucy Ellen Greenville, Ills.
Sparks, Wm. Simpson 2327 Rutger street.
Stanley, Miss Josie Upper Alton, Ills.page 82
Starr, Edward 1401 Chouteau avenue.
Strobridge. Miss Mamie St. Louis.
Strode, Miss Belle Independence. Mo.
Stunnard. Samuel 11th and Bissell streets.
Stupp, George 2311 S. 7th streets.
Stuve, Miss Clementine St. Louis.
Taylor, George 2622 Adams street.
Tebbetts, Miss Alice 3024 Bell street.
Thole, Louis 907 Winter street.
Thompson. George 2104 Lafayette avenue.
Thompson, Miss Alice Haydon 1637 Washington aveune.
Thul. Miss Rosamond Olivia 3611 Carondelet avenue.
Tod, Miss Sadie 4012 Cook avenue.
Tod. Walter 4012 Cook avenue.
Todd, Stanley St. Louis.
Topping, Miss Emily Alton, Ills.
Triplett. Miss Minnie L 1600 Olive street.
Tyler, Miss Mary 3116 Bell street.
Uhlich, August St. Louis.
Ulrich, Mrs. Mary 1654½ Benton street.
Vitt, William 1832 2d Carondelet ave.
Von Penile, Miss Millie 1806 Washington avenue.
Vossler, Theodore 2119 N. 13th street.
Wallace, Miss Mattie M 2028 Clark avenue.
Weber, August 908 N. 10th street.
Weber, Laura 1925 Olive street.
Weingartner, Julius
Werner, Fred 1423 Cass avenue.
Westerman, Louis 1500 Madison street.
Wheatly, Miss Julia 3440 Pine street.
Wiechman, Max F 916 S. 3rd street.
Wiedam, Arthur 2602 Laclede avenue.
Wiesing, Frank 1331 N. 15th street.
Wiggin, Miss Lucy 1611 Papin street.
Wightman, Miss Kate 2806 West 19th street.
Wintzer, Mrs. Eleanor
Wishart. Miss Hattie 3101 Washington avenue.page 83
Woodruff, Miss Ma 18 N. Compton avenue.
Zallee, Florence C 14th and Lucas avenue.
—and nineteen others, artists and professional students, in the nude life class.

Total number enrolled up to December 2d, 1882, 266.