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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

IV.-Course in Mining and Metallurgy. — Junior Year

IV.-Course in Mining and Metallurgy.

Junior Year.

Mathematics.—Differential and Integral Calculus.

Descriptive Geometry.—Perspective. Applications to Masonry and Machinery.

Engineering.—Statics of Frames and Trusses; Strength of Materials. Beams, Girders, and Columns; Applications to Buildings and other structures; Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics; Rankine's Applied Mechanics.

Chemistry.—Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis: Lectures and Laboratory Practice.

Geology.—Lithological. Cosmical, Physiographic, Historic, and Dynamic.

Mineralogy.—Blowpipe Examination of Minerals.

Mining.—Modes of Occurrence of Useful Minerals; Examination of Mineral Lands, etc.

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Mining Tools. Tunnelling and Sinking Shafts, Timbering and Walling Mines.

Underground Transportation, Hoisting Engines. Cages, Cars. Man Engines, etc.

Visits to neighboring Coal, Iron. Lead and Zinc Mines.

Metallurgy.—General Metallurgy—Classification of Processes; Furnaces; Modes of Construction; Refractory Building Materials, Natural and Artificial: Manufacture of Firebricks, etc.

Nature of Combustion.

Draft—Natural and Artificial; Chimneys, Fans, Blowing Engines, etc.

Fuels—Classification of, and Methods of Computing Calorific Power; Manufacture of Charcoal, Coke, etc.

Special Metallurgy—Iron and Steel, Physical and Chemical Qualities; Description of Various Direct and Indirect Methods of Production: Preparation of Ores.

Blast Furnace—Form, etc.; Hot Blast Stoves; Lifts, etc.

Manufacture of Wrought-Iron—Bloomeries, Forges, Rolling Mills, etc.

Manufacture of Steel—Puddled, Cementation, Cast, Bessemer Metal.

Visits to Iron and Steel Works, Forges, Rolling Mills, Foundries, etc.

Assaying.—Lectures and Laboratory Practice; Examination of Fuels and Refractory Materials.

Drawing.—Profiles; Crystals; Plans and Sections of Mines and Mining Machinery; Furnaces; Apparatus and Machinery of Smelting Works, etc,

Shop-work.—Forging Iron and Steel.

English Composition—Lectures on English Literature.