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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50


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Senior Class.

Name. Residence.
Glasgow, Julian Kermerly E.M. 2735 Chestnut st.
Herndon, Edward Lilian, E.M., 1882. C.E. 2727 Morgan st.
Jackson, Edward Fisher, A.B., 1881, E.M. 3658 Wash'n ave.
Kinealy, James Ralph E.M. Baden, Mo.
Lippman. Jennie Rebecca A.B. 1209 Dillon st.
McKittrick, Thomas A.B. 2913 Locust st.
Mudd, Seeley E.M. Kirk wood. Mo.
Norris, Frances Cornelia E.M. 917 Mound st.
Tilden, Grant A.B. 1418 Garrison ave.
Vickroy, Wilhelm Rees B.Ph 117 N. 25th st.
Wangelin, Walter Hugo E.M. Belleville, I11.
Yeatman, Pope E.M. 503 Ware ave.
Total, 12.

Junior Class.

Arner, Katie Ruth B.Ph 2604 Mill St.
Baumgartner, John Charles E.M. 1804 Linn st.
Beggs, William Norman A.B. 3023 Dickson st.
Block, William Adolph M.E. 1032 Warren st.
Bryan, Charles Walter C.E. Washington, Mo.
Cook, Abraham C.E. 2515 N. 10th st.
Dose, William A.B. New Athens, 111.
Evans, William Prentice A.B. 907 N. Nineteenth st.
Gazzam, Joseph Parker M.E. 2810 Pine st.
Kinealy, John Henry M.E. Baden, Mo.
The abbreviations after the names of Seniors and Juniors indicate the Degree for which each is studying, as follows:
  • A B.—Bachelor of Arts.
  • E.M.—Engineer of Mines.
  • C E.—Civil Engineer.
  • B. Ph—Bachelor of Philosophy.
  • M.E.—Mechanical Engineer.
  • Arch—Architect
  • Chem.—Chemist.
page 24
Name. Residence.
Kirby, Edmund Burgess E.M. Oregon and Juniata a v.
Knollenberg, William Edward E.M. Jacksonville. Ill.
Lachmund. Fannie Louise B Ph 1110 Dillon st.
Lyon, Montague B.Ph 3034 Washington ave.
McMath, Thomas Brodie C.E. 3720 Page ave.
Neuhoff, Fritz A.B. Belleville. Ill.
Peirce. William Tappan C.E. New Bedford, Mass.
Zukoski. Edmund Ladislaus E.M. 1829 Kennett place.
Total, 18.

Sophomore Class.

Anthony, William Stephen Potosi. Mo.
Baier. Julius 2619 Vineyard st.
Davis. James Campbell Walnut Grove. Mo.
Dougherty. Curtis Galesburg. Ill.
Gniffke. Henry Baade Dubuque. Ia.
Goodlett, Gilbert 1303 Market, st.
Grant. Lee Wiley 2631 Locust St.
Hall. Herman 3609 N. Ninth st.
Hay, Sherman Belleville. Ill.
Hixon. Hiram Wease Denver. Col.
Ittner, Mary Sukey 3005 Rappahannock st.
Johann. Henry A Springfield, Ill.
McMillan, James Hamilton 2813 Clark ave.
O'Reilly. Andrew John 1735 Washington ave.
Reaser, Matthew Howell 2924 2d Car'dt ave.
Ringeling, Frank 3710 Hogan ave.
Wixford, John Frederick 2217 N. Ninth st.
Total, 17.

Freshman Class.

Adkins, Benj. Conklin 1015 Park ave.
Anderson, Nathaniel Blackford Collinsville, Ill.
Avery, Augustus Dodge Clinton, Mo.
Carr. Lizzie 2215 Park av.
Connor. Edward Hanson Alton, Ill.
Crawford, Julia Penn 3110 Morgan st.
page 25
Name. Residence.
Daly, Baron Eugene Chillicothe, Mo.
Dean. William Warren 1728 Washington ave.
Dowler, Irene Adelpha 2211 Market st.
Glasgow, William Jefferson 2735 Chestnut st.
Goodson Elizabeth 2902 Pine st.
Henderson, Jennie May 1608 8. 10th st.
Henry, William Stuart Nat. Bridge Road, near Papin ave.
Hodges. Abel Bixby Ward 2115 Walnut st.
Hutchinson, Cary Talcott 2929 Locust st.
Johann, Charles Lewis Springfield, Ill.
Johnson, Reno De Orville Corado Springs, Col.
Kirby, Daniel Noyes Oregon & Juniata ave.
Myers, John Benj Florissant, Mo.
Wilson. Harry H Troy, Ill.
Total, 20.

Special Students.

Dougherty. George Thomas 2023 Clara st.
Gernez, John Axtel A.B., 1882 1428 Washington ave.


Seniors 12
Juniors 18
Sophomores 17
Freshmen 20
Special Students 2
Total 69

Time and Conditions of Admission.

Candidates for admission to the Undergraduate Department, which includes the College and the Polytechnic School, with the exception of those having certificates, as mentioned below, will present page 26 themselves for examination on Monday, June 11, 1883, in room No. 2, east wing of the University, at 9 o'clock, A. M. A second examination will be held on Wednesday, September 12, for such candidates as cannot be present in June.

Candidates for the Freshman Class must be at least sixteen years old, and must present testimonials of good moral character.

Unless bearing certificates of qualification signed by the Principal of Smith Academy, the Director of the Manual Training School, the Principal of Mary Institute, or the Principal of the St. Louis High School, all applicants will be examined in the following studies. Preparation upon the first eight subjects will be required of all alike:
I.Spelling and English Composition.
III.Algebra, including equations of the second degree.
IV.Elementary Plane Geometry.
V.United States and English History, or English and Ancient Greek and Roman History.
VI.Physical Geography, or Ancient Geography.
VII.Latin Grammar and three books of Cæsar.

French or German, Grammar and Reader.

All Candidates will be examined, in addition to the above, on two out of four of the following sets of subjects:

page 27
IX.Six orations of Cicero and six books of the æneid of Virgil. This will be necessary for those who purpose to study Latin during the Freshman year.
X.Elements of Natural Philosophy.
XI.Greek Grammar and Reader. This is necessary for those who are candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts.
XII.Free-hand and Geometrical Drawing.

The examination will be written, and will occupy two days.

Candidates for the Sophomore Class must be at least seventeen years old, and must pass a satisfactory examination upon the studies of the Freshman year, as well as upon the work just mentioned. Similar requirements will be made of students desiring to enter the Junior or Senior Classes.

Graduates of Colleges in good standing will be received into the Polytechnic courses of the Junior Class without examination.

The plan of a Divided Examination has been adopted, in accordance with which students who propose to enter the Freshman Class in the summer of 1884 may present themselves in June or September, 1883, for examination on the studies in which they are then proficient; provided they are prepared to be examined on not less than four of the topics naned in the conditions of Examinations. A record of such examinations will be kept, and when the same students present themselves the next year they will be credited with the work done at the first examination.

page 28

At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the University, held in November, 1874, the following resolutions were adapted.

Resolved—On recommendation of the Faculty, and with a view to the promotion of the best interests of learning and science, and for the encouragement of young men to obtain a complete education before entering upon a professional career,

That the graduates of the College of the University, shall have free admission to the classes of the Polytechnic School, either as regular or partial students, subject to the rules and regulations of the same.

That the graduates of the Polytechnic School shall have free admission to the College Classes, either as regular or partial students, subject to the rules and regulations of the same.