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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Junior Class

Junior Class.

Arner, Katie Ruth B.Ph 2604 Mill St.
Baumgartner, John Charles E.M. 1804 Linn st.
Beggs, William Norman A.B. 3023 Dickson st.
Block, William Adolph M.E. 1032 Warren st.
Bryan, Charles Walter C.E. Washington, Mo.
Cook, Abraham C.E. 2515 N. 10th st.
Dose, William A.B. New Athens, 111.
Evans, William Prentice A.B. 907 N. Nineteenth st.
Gazzam, Joseph Parker M.E. 2810 Pine st.
Kinealy, John Henry M.E. Baden, Mo.
The abbreviations after the names of Seniors and Juniors indicate the Degree for which each is studying, as follows:
  • A B.—Bachelor of Arts.
  • E.M.—Engineer of Mines.
  • C E.—Civil Engineer.
  • B. Ph—Bachelor of Philosophy.
  • M.E.—Mechanical Engineer.
  • Arch—Architect
  • Chem.—Chemist.
page 24
Name. Residence.
Kirby, Edmund Burgess E.M. Oregon and Juniata a v.
Knollenberg, William Edward E.M. Jacksonville. Ill.
Lachmund. Fannie Louise B Ph 1110 Dillon st.
Lyon, Montague B.Ph 3034 Washington ave.
McMath, Thomas Brodie C.E. 3720 Page ave.
Neuhoff, Fritz A.B. Belleville. Ill.
Peirce. William Tappan C.E. New Bedford, Mass.
Zukoski. Edmund Ladislaus E.M. 1829 Kennett place.
Total, 18.