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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Advanced Perspective

page 15

Advanced Perspective.

Oblique Perspective.

Lecture I.Inclined lines in any position with reference to the picture plane; oblique planes.
II.Rectangular solids.
III.Polygonal solids,
IV.Cones; right, oblique and truncated,
V.3 given points in space; to find the plane containing the triangle, the length of the sides, and the contained angle.

Perspective of Shadows.

Lecture VI.Sunlight; shadows of objects cast on horizontal and vortical planes.
VII.Sunlight; shadows cast on planes inclined to the ground, and at any angle with the picture
VIII.Artificial light; interiors.
IX.Artificial light; two or more lights, on planes at any angle.

Perspective of Reflections.

Lecture X.Angle of incidence and reflection; point of incidence; horizontal reflecting plane; (reflections in still water),
XI.Vertical reflecting planes; perpendicular, parallel, or at an angle with the picture.
XII.Inclined reflecting planes, at any angle with the picture.