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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Elementary Perspective

page 14

Elementary Perspective.

Parallel Perspective.

Lecture I.Perspective representation by plan and elevation. The station point, the cone of rays, line of direction, and the picture line, the horizontal and ground lines, the centre of vision, vanishing and measuring points.
II.Vertical planes in perspective; line of heights; to find a point within the picture; rectangular solids, the cube.
III.Rectangular solids (continued); plinths and prisms.
IV.The circle: horizontal and vertical; cylindrical and conical solids.
V.Polygonal prisms and pyramids.
VI.Perspective of buildings and interiors.

Angular Perspective.

Lecture VII.Given a line on the ground, neither parallel nor perpendicular to the picture, to find its length, and angle with the picture, its vanishing and measuring points by plan and elevation. To draw a line on the ground, making any angle with the picture.
VIII.Rectangular solids on the ground at a given angle with the picture.
IX.Polygonal solids; axis horizontal or vertical,
X.Solids combining curved and right lines,
XI.Given the plan and elevation of any solid, to find its perspective representation.
XII.Given three points on the ground, to find the length of the lines joining them, and the degrees in each angle; inclined lines in space, their length, and the planes containing them; accidental vanishing points.