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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Advanced Geometry

page 13

Advanced Geometry.

Plane Geometry.

Lecture I.Areas of surfaces: Conversion of rectilineal figures to triangles of equal area, similar figures which have an area of a given proportion.
II.Problems relating to areas.
III.Figures in relation to figures (geometrical tracery).
IV.Construction of helical and spiral curves (applied to screws, staircases, handrailing &c.)
V.The ellipse and parabola, their perpendiculars and tangents (applied to arches, and their voussoirs).
VI.Construction of curves from tabular data, as varying pressure, temperature, and resistance, involving the use of abscissa and ordinate; curves traced by a point in motion; cycloid, epicyloid, and trochoid curves applied to gearing; the conchoid and cissoid curves.

Solid Geometry.

Lecture VII.Projection of plane solids, when inclined to both planes.
VIII.Projection of curved surfaces, in either plane,
IX.Sections of solids intersected by inclined planes,
X.Penetration of solids (applied to groins, pendentives, pipes, boilers, &c.)
XI.Development of curved surfaces; envelopes their true form (applied to metal work),
XII.Projection of shadows under any conditions; isometric projection; drawings from actual measurement; method of sketching and taking dimensions.