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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Elementary Building Construction

page 18

Elementary Building Construction.

Lecture I.Brickwork: bond; parts of a wall; footings, courses, corbelling; wood built into walls; wall plates, lintels, wood bricks, plugs, &c.
II.Masonry: ashlar and rubble work; joints; dowels, metal cramps, lead plugs; dressings, quoins; courses, copings, cornice with blocking course, balustrade, or parapet.
III.Carpentry: joints; lapping, fishing, scarfing, halving, notching, cogging; mortise and tenon joints; heel-straps, shoes, and socket pieces.
IV.Joinery: mouldings; torus, ovolo, ogee, and bolection mouldings; joints; dowelled, grooved, dovetailed and mitre panelling; square, moulded and raised.
V.Notes on Materials: limes, mortars, and cements; fat, poor, and hydraulic limes; natural and artificial cements; characteristics of good bricks; characteristics and practical classification of stone, granite, and other igneous rocks, slate, sandstone, limestone; natural bed; artificial stone; agents which destroy, and preparations which preserve stone.
VI.Notes on Materials (continued): wood; characteristics of good timber, decay and preservation, paints, &c strength of timber; iron, and the metals used in building; safe strains for cast and wrought iron.