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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand — Matriculation Examination. — Chemistry

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University of New Zealand

Matriculation Examination.


(Three hours allowed for this paper).

1.Write down the names and formulae (symbols) of all the oxides of the following elements:—H, Cl, S, P, N, C, I.
2.How would you distinguish from each other the following gases:—Co2, N, Cl, O, So2?
3.Describe the process for manufacturing nitric acid, giving the the equations.
4.Describe, with equations, the process for the manufacture of bromine or of iodine.
5.Give equations for making chlorine, hydrogen, and sulphur dioxide.
6.State what you know of ozone—its composition; how it is made; its properties; the tests for it.
7.How does sulphur behave when heated gradually in a nearly closed glass retort?
8.Describe fully, with equations, the manufacture of sulphuric acid; or, of ammonia from gas liquor.
9.How many grammes of hydrogen are got from water by the action of 100 grammes of metallic sodium (Na=23)?
10.Arrange the non-metallic elements under the headings—monads, dyads, triads, tetrads, pentads, hexads.
11.What is the composition of the atmospheric air? How is it affected by living animals and plants?