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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Grading and Class Standing

Grading and Class Standing.

Students admitted to standing in any of the classes, shall be graded in the several subjects of study, according to the system of marking proficiency, on the scale of 10 adopted in this University, and said standing shall be placed on the record.

No evidence of proficiency in any study, pursued outside of this University, shall be accepted by any professor, in lieu of his own examination.

page 134

All professional students who enter regular academic classes, shall be dealt with in those classes, as other academic students, in grading and in marking absences.

The standing of all students shall be reported by the Professor to the Secretary of the Faculty, at the end of each semester, indicating whether it is given after examination, or is merely class standing, and for how long a time; in the latter case it shall not entitle the student to a claim involving future graduation.

Students who fail to reach a respectable standing in their classes:
1.If the failure arises from the fact that the student has too many studies, let him be excused by the Faculty from some of them.
2.If the student is "doing no good" in any department, and the failure arises from want of application or from bad health, let him be sent home. (See Catalogue, page 129.)
3.If the failure in any class arises from a want of capacity, or from the fact that the student is classed too high, the head of the department must assign him to a lower class, within his department, if there be one for which he is fitted; if there is none, let him drop him from his department, and report the fact to the Faculty at their next meeting.

Whenever a student, is dropped from two departments within the same semester, his connection with the University shall cease, and the Secretary shall give notice of the fact to his parent or guardian; and whenever a student is dropped from any department, or from a higher to a lower class in the same department, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Faculty to inform the parent or guardian, as the case may be, of the fact.