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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Absence Marks

Absence Marks.


There are three kinds of absence marks—those from chapel, from town and from class room.


The absence from chapel, indicated by the unoccupied numbers on the seats shall be noted every morning by monitors, appointed by the Faculty, and the slips page 133 used for this marking shall be handed to the presiding officer immediately after chapel, every Saturday morning.


The presiding officer alone shall excuse absences from chapel and from town.


The several Professors shall excuse from their class room exercises, with the exception that an excuse for absence from town shall operate as an excuse from chapel, and from all class rooms, during the time for which it is granted.

The absence marks on class rolls are of three kinds:
a.Those cancelled.
b.Those uncancelled, after an excuse has been called for, and no satisfactory excuse has been given.
c.Those uncancelled, for which no excuse has yet been demanded, and for which no sufficient reason is known.

Class room absences of the first kind, (a.,) i. e., when cancelled, shall be reported as excused absences, and recorded with the reason for cancellation; absence of the second kind (b.,) shall be reported as unexcused absences, and entered on the roll of demerit; and all undetermined absence marks shall be determined, i. e., converted into either excused or unexcused absences, before they are reported to the Secretary of the Faculty.


All excused and unexcused absence marks shall be reported to the Secretary of the Faculty, at every regular Faculty meeting. At the end of the semester all undetermined absence marks are reported as unexcused.


Careful note shall be taken of all absences before entering upon class room exercises.


All class room excuses shall be called for, and given in the presence of the entire class, except in extraordinary cases.


Every student, against whose name there is entered upon his class roll an absence mark, shall be called on for the reason of absence, upon first appearing in class room after its entry.


When, upon the calling of the roll, it shall appear that a student is absent for a reason unknown to the Professor, due diligence shall be exercised to learn the probable reason, by inquiry of the class; whether the absence be due to sickness or other cause, that proper attention may be directed to each case as it arises.


Students must account for their absences from chapel every Tuesday morning. The reason of absence from chapel must be given, and it is delivered to the Secretary of the Faculty in the lists signed by the President.


In making their reports to the Secretary of the Faculty, the Professors shall use a prescribed blank.

Unexcused absences, once reported, can only be excused by Faculty action.

Every unexcused absence from chapel or from class rooms, counts two demerit marks.