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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence.

When a student wishes to leave the University eitber temporarily or permanently, he should confer with the President, in order that charges of absence may not accumulate against him on the record of demerit. But it is hoped that absences from the Institution for the purpose of visiting friends, etc., will be discouraged by parents and guardians, because such absences interrupt a student's progress, and greatly diminish the pleasure and profit of his literary pursuits.

In case of withdrawal, written authority from the parent or guardian maybe required. Parents and guardians are again urged not to encourage withdrawals, nor to permit them, save for controlling reasons.

The Faculty would add emphasis to this statement by the declaration that they consider the evil of withdrawing before examination, and prior to the close of the session, to be so injurious, both to the individual student and to the good order of the University, that they cannot advise students, having such intentions, to enter the University at all. It should be understood that the student, by withdrawal, not only loses the benefit of the closing exercises in his studies—the most important of them all in fixing them in his mind—but escapes the responsibility of final examinations, and loses the incentives which the contests and aspirations of a public institution present.