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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50


page 131


It is the duty of students to obey the laws and rules which may be made by the Board of Curators or by the Faculty, for the government of the University.

Whenever the Faculty are satisfied that a student is not fulfilling, or likely to fulfill, the purposes of his residence at the University, or is for any cause an unfit member thereof, his parents or guardians shall be notified, that they may have opportunity to withdraw him, and if not withdrawn within a reasonable time, he shall be peremptorily dismissed. This rule is not intended to prevent instant dismission for those graver offences which may require it.

Students must comply with the rules of the Library and the rules relating to the Chemical Laboratory, on penalty of being debarred their use.

The presenting of petitions or other papers to the Board of Curators in regard to the government of the University, or to the appointment or dismissal of professors or officers, or the holding of meetings to criticise the government of the University, is regarded as improper and disorderly, and any student engaging in such practices may be dismissed by the Faculty.

Presents to officers of the University from the students or any class of them are prohibited, and officers are required to decline their acceptance, if tendered.

Meetings of the students, or of a class or section of students, are not to be called without the knowledge and consent of the President.

No society or association, or club is permitted to meet after night in the University building except under such rules as may be adopted by the Faculty for the safety of the building and property, and in such manner that due accountability shall be secured. The President is particularly enjoined to see that rules are made and enforced for the safety and preservation of the University property, and if this cannot be done without the exclusion of the regular society meetings, or other minor associations; or if the societies manifest an unwillingness to comply with these rules or do not observe them, night meetings must be wholly prohibited, and the Faculty is authorized and required to issue an order to that effect and enforce it.

In case of injury, accidental or otherwise, done to the University property, the damage shall be paid for by the student who has done it, or by the occupants of the room in which the injury occurs, or if done to a building by the occupants of the building. All rooms are rented upon this express condition.

The business agent is required to assess the damages and immediately to cause the injury to be repaired.

If a student is expelled from a boarding club by the action of the club, he is immediately to leave his room in the club house, and no part of his rent will be remitted.

In general terms students are held responsible for good order and the diligent use of their time. The University is no place for idlers, for the disorderly, or those who do not propose to give their whole time to the work allotted them by the Faculty. The loss of a single recitation not only injures the student, but all connected with him.

Leave of absence will pot be granted but in cases of absolute necessity, and the student should not apply for it, nor the parents or guardian in his behalf, except in such cases.

page 132

Students and Faculty are assembled daily for prayers fifteen minutes before the hour for morning recitations. At this time all public announcements are made, and the President also gives directions and instruction in regard to all their general duties as members of the University.

No candidate for any of the degrees of this University shall be permitted, in any public exercise, to deliver an address or oration which is either sectarian or partisan in character; and a violation of this rule shall debar the offender from any honor of this institution.

All students, unless sick or absent, are earnestly requested to attend public worship, at least, once on the Sabbath, at such places as they, their parents or guardians may designate, and all practices inconsistent with the due observance of the Lord's day are expressly prohibited;

The diploma fee shall be five dollars to be paid to the Treasurer of the University, whose receipt shall be presented before delivery of the diploma, which shall be prepared by the Faculty.

Certificates of proficiency shall be conferred in the same manner, and the fee shall be one dollar, to be paid in same manner. If the student shall have attained extraordinary excellence in a particular branch, that excellence shall be noted in his certificate as the Faculty may determine.

The proficients as well as graduates shall, when required, perform public exercises on commencement day under such rules as may be made by the Faculty.