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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Public Speaking

Public Speaking.

Whereas, The Faculty of this University is entrusted with the guardianship and care of the students; and

Whereas, The public holds them responsible for the intelligence and general worthiness of all speakers on public occasions; and

Whereas, The exercise of power corresponding to this responsibility, is thereby rendered a duty, to be discharged in the interest of the authorities and patrons of this institution and of the public, whose educational interest it represents; therefore

page 144

Resolved, That no person shall appear on any public occasion before the societies or students of this University, to deliver an address, oration, or in any other literary performance, without the previous approval of the Faculty.

The said approval may be of a list of names before choice, or all choices of persons not thus previously approved, shall be subject to said approval.

All students appointed to appear in any public entertainment, shall present their orations, declamations, or other exercises to the Professor of English, at least ten days before the appointed day of such public appearance.

If a student has incurred twenty-live demerits, or fails to submit his exercise to previous supervision, he is not permitted to appear and take part in any public exercise in the University, on penalty of expulsion from the Institution for so doing and forfeiture of all claims to any honors or prizes; and the same penalty of expulsion and forfeiture shall attach to taking part in the publication of any college paper without compliance with the regulation of the Faculty respecting a like previous supervision of the final proof sheets of the same.