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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50



Board in private families, with lodging, washing and fuel, may be obtained for from three to four and a half dollars a week. By entering clubs, this amount may be reduced to two dollars and a quarter.

The allowance for clothing, books and pocket money, will vary with the character of the student. It is hoped that parents will bear in mind that too liberal an allowance of money exposes a youth to temptation, interferes with his habits of study, and adds nothing to his happiness or respectability. No student should spend ever two hundred dollars a year, including everything, except clothing and traveling expenses to and from Columbia. In every case where a student exceeds this amount, it may be set down that there is something wrong, which compromises both usefulness and respectability.

Young men working on the College farm, or in the garden, will be allowed from ten to fifteen cents per hour, according to their skill, fidelity and industry, to be determined by the Dean of the Agricultural College.

The University does not provide boarding for students, nor oblige them to adopt any particular plan, but to insure cheap boarding, and preventany sudden or excessive rise in the price of boarding in private families, the University has erected two groups of cottages, or club buildings, with dining halls, about a third of a mile apart, sufficient to accommodate two clubs of forty each.

The students who board themselves in the cottages, form themselves into clubs, appoint their own commissaries and other officers, establish and keep up their own police, punish members by fine and expulsion, and, on each Monday, meet to hear reports, and consider the welfare of the clubs, and generally to attend to their business affairs. The weekly expense of board, including a small admission fee to keep up the furniture, also rent payable to the University, has not exceeded $2.25 per week.