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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50



Whereas, Cheating in recitation or in examination, by using helps of any kind forbidden, or not allowed in common to all the members of a class, results in gaining dishonorable advantage over class-mates, and in deceiving instructors and is ruinous to the character and scholarship of such as resort to such reprehensible practices, and hence, should not be tolerated in any institution of learning; therefore, in order to guard the students of this University against this grave evil, the following rule is hereby enacted:

page 137
Part I.—For the first offense of cheating it is hereby ordered:
1.That the recitation or examination thus vitiated shall be marked zero.
2.That no special or private examination shall be allowed for the relief of the offender.
3.The fact of such cheating shall be stated in the conduct column.
4.That 25 demerits shall be at once entered against the offender.

Part II.—For the second offense of cheating it is hereby ordered:

That the fact of any student thus cheating in any recitation or examination shall operate as a dismissal from the University, and as a barrier to the re-admission of the guilty party to the University.

Part III.—The written statement of the fact of cheating aforesaid, giving the name of the guilty student, the subject, recitation or examination, the time and place of the same, and the names of at least two who are cognizant of the same, one of whom may be the guilty party, presented to the Faculty at any regular meeting by the head, or Professor in charge of the department in which the offense occurred, shall, with the approval of the Faculty, be entered on the minutes, and have the effect of adjudging the penalties as defined under parts I and II of this rule; and a copy of the minute shall be sent to the parent or guardian, and a duplicate may be given to the offender.