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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Things Forbidden to Students

Things Forbidden to Students.

1.To enter a billiard or drinking saloon, upon any pretext whatever; to carry concealed weapons, or to use profane or indecent language, or to use intoxicating drinks of any kind. The sending or receiving a challenge will operate a dismissal. The property and peace of the citizens are in no way to be disturbed.
2.Noisy and disorderly conduct about the University buildings, assembling about the doors, whistling, sitting in the windows, shouting or calling aloud from the windows, or assembling in the halls, before or after recitation, or other exercises. The classes are required to make their transition from one recitation room to another, promptly, at the proper signal, and five minutes are allowed for the change.
3.To smoke in the building or on the campus. Betting and gambling, in every form, are prohibited.
4.In any way to injure or mar the University buildings or furniture by whittling, cutting, marking, or in any way defacing the same. All University property is to be guarded and preserved as a sacred trust, and to be used without abuse; and in every case, if a student injure or deface benches, tables or other furniture, he shall be required to pay the full cost of the articles injured or defaced, and in other cases to pay for all the damage done. Each student is assigned a number on the seats in the chapel, and is not allowed to change without permission, and is responsible for the condition in which it is kept—note being taken of marking, or of any damage. Willful damage to property may be subject to removal from the Institution.
5.To leave town without the permission of the President, obtained beforehand, or to change a recitation which has been assigned, without the permission of the Faculty. Such excuse by the President, is reported at Faculty meeting, and operates an excuse from the several rolls. With this exception, each Professor alone excuses absences from his roll call. The President alone excuses from chapel.
6.No student will receive an honorable dismission who is under a charge, or who has failed to pay all University dues, or who has not returned all library books.
7.All those things are forbidden which tend to deteriorate moral character, to prevent intellectual and moral advancement—in short, all those irregular, wicked and immoral practices and habits which would be forbidden in good and cultivated families, and which tend to prevent preparation and training for good citizenship.

The attention of students is especially called to the foregoing rules, and they will not be permitted to plead ignorance of them, when called to account for delinquency.