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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University Library

page 117

University Library.

The following is submitted as the seventh annual report of the Librarian of the University:

Source. B. B. Agricultural Board of Michigan 1 1 Agricul'l. & Mech. Col. Texas. 2 1 Appleton & Co.. 5 . Aver & Sons.. 1 1 Bellevue Medical Col., in ex. . 1 Blackwell, J. S., in ex. 1 . Blair, F. P.. 15 . Bliss, P .. 1 . Boon, W. C.. 1 . Center College, Ky., in ex. . 1 Clark, W. B*.. 1 . Crittenden, Gov. T. T. . 1 Dalton, J. G.. 1 . Davis, O.. 4 . Dixwell, G. B.. 1 . Drurv College, in ex.. . 1 Egan, M.. 1 . Eldridge & Bro.. 1 . Fisher, M. M.. 1 . Fleet, A. F., in ex.. 2 . Franklin Insurance Co.. 1 . Harvard College, in ex. . 1 Historical Society of N. Y. 2 . Husmann, Geo.. 26 . Johnson, R. W.. 1 . Johns Hopkins University in ex. . 1 Laws. S. S.. 1 10 Misouri State Normal Schoo, Kirksville.. . 1 Missouri State Normal School, Warrensburg.. . 1 New York State Library.. 1 . Oberlin College, in ex.. . 1 Ohio Mechanics' Institute, in ex . 1 Purchase.. 58 . Railroad Commissioners of Mo. 1 . Rollins, Jas. S.. 47 . Saratoga Summer School, An- nouncement.. . 1 Smithsonian Institute.. 7 . Source. B. B. Schweitzer, P., in ex. 20 . Secretary State of Missouri. 19 . St. Louis Library Association. 1 . Stephens' College, in ex. . 1 Swallow, G. C.. 1 . Switzler, W. F.. 2 . Taber, C. A. M.. 1 . Todd, R. L.. 12 . Tracy, S. M.. 5 . U. S. Bureau of Education. 4 23 " " Navigation. 2 . " " Statistics. 15 . U. S. Dep't of Agriculture. 6 . " " Engineering. 12 . " " Interior.. 63 . " " State.. 5 . " " War .. 8 . " Military Academy. . 1 " Naval Observatory. 1 . " Treasury Department. 9 . University of Alabama, in ex. . 1 " California, in ex. . 1 " Illinois, in ex. . 1 " Kentucky, in ex. . 1 " Michigan, in ex. . 1 " Minnesota, in ex. . 1 " New York, in ex . 1 " Ohio, in ex. . 1 " Pennsyl' nia, in ex . 1 " The South, in ex. . 1 " Wisconsin, in ex. . 1 Warder, G. G. 1 . Wesleyan University, in ex. . 1 Westminster College, in ex. . 1 Wisconsin State Normal School. in ex... 1 Woman's Med. Col.N.Y. index. 1 Y.M.C.A. of Columbia. 12. Total.. 383 64

Accessions for 1882—3.

page 118

Periodicals for the Current Year.

  • Agricultural Gazette, (Loudon).
  • Albany Law Journal.
  • * American Baptist Flag.
  • American Journal of Science.
  • American Law Register.
  • American Law Review.
  • American Law Naturalist.
  • American Law Chemical Journal—The.
  • Analytisehe Chemie.
  • Annalen der, Phys. and Ch.
  • *Ashland Bugle.
  • Astronomische Nachrichten.
  • Atlantic Monthly.
  • Blackwoods.
  • *Boone County Sentinel.
  • Breeders Gazette.
  • British Quarterly.
  • *Carrollton Democrat.
  • *Central Baptist.
  • Century Magazine.
  • Chemical News.
  • *Christian Statesman.
  • Columbia Herald.
  • Comptus Rendus.
  • *Congressional Record.
  • *District Herald.
  • *Doniphan Prospect.
  • Edinburgh Review.
  • Engineering, (London).
  • Engineering News, (New York).
  • Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
  • Fresenius Zeitchrift.
  • Garden—The.
  • *Gems of Poetry.
  • *Germania, (German).
  • Geological Magazine.
  • Harper's Bazaar.
  • Harper's Monthly.
  • Harper's Weekly.
  • *Independence Sentinel.
  • *Industrial World.
  • Journal of Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • *Journal-Democrat—The.
  • Journal of Education, New England.
  • Journal of Mental Science.
  • Journal fur Praktische Chemie.
  • Journal of Philosophy, London.
  • *Kansas City Daily Journal.
  • *Kentucky Live Stock Record.
  • Knowledge—R. A. Proctor.
  • La Lumiere Electrique.
  • *Lexington Register.
  • L'Electricite.
  • Library Journal.
  • Littell's Living Age.
  • *Living Issue.
  • London Quarterly.
  • Mexico Intelligencer.
  • Mind.
  • Missouri Republican.
  • *Missouri Statesman.
  • Nature.
  • *New York Medical Journal.
  • *New York Weekly Witness.
  • North American Review.
  • Observatory, (England).
  • Our Continent.
  • *People's Tribune.
  • Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science.
  • Psychological Medicine.
  • Polytechnisches Journal—Dingier's.
  • Popular Science Monthly.
  • Royal Geographical Society—Proceedings of.
  • *Sabbath Reading.
  • Sanitarian.
  • Sanitary Engineer.
  • Science.
  • *Science Observer.
  • *Spectator—The.
  • Speculative Philosophy.
  • St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
  • St. Post-Dispatch.
  • *Texas Siftings.
  • *Warrenton Volksfreund, (Ger.)
  • Westminster Review.
  • *Westliche Post.
page 119
Library Matter.
Books. Pam.
University Library 11,096 13,155
University Library Accessions, 1882-3 383 64
Athenæan Society Library 351
Union Literary Society Library 348
Columbia Library 809
Total in General Library 12,987 13,219

The greater number of accessions for the past year have been from the Departments at Washington. The sets of the different official documents published by the government have nearly all been filled and brought down to date, making, perhaps, as complete a collection of this kind as will be found in the State.

The latest and most valuable accessions are Rees's Cyclopedia, forty-five volumes (quarto), and Harper's Pictorial History of the Great Rebellion in two large quarto volumes, both donated by Hon. James S. Rollins. The following additions were made through J. W. Sanborn, Dean of the Agricultural College: A full set of the "American Short-Horn Breeders Herd Book" (for the purchase of which J. H. Parker contributed 820.00 and the Association 812.00), "Dutch Friesian Herd Book," "Vermont Merino Breeders Herd Book," and the "Berkshire Breeders Herd Book." The last three sets were donated by their respective Associations.

The list of periodicals for the past year is larger and embraces better matter than that of any previous year. It is the intention to continue the subsciption list from year to year, and to preserve all old files for reference.

Four more plates of the "Bilder Zur Geschichte" series have been added during the year. These helps are all placed in the appropriate departments, and are used daily as a means of instruction.

The following are the rules in regard to the drawing of books:

Members of the faculty, students of the University and members of the Columbia Library Association are allowed to draw books for use in the room from any of the collections.

Members of the faculty alone are allowed to draw books and periodicals from the University Library collection for use outside of the room—each member being entitled to six books for two weeks.

Members of the Columbia Library Association alone, including those who pay a monthly fee (to students 20c) or an annual fee ($3.00), are allowed to draw books from this collection for use outside of the room.

Only the active members of the societies are allowed to draw from their respective collections, for use outside of the room.

Each member is entitled to two volumes at one time and no more.

Books must be returned within two weeks from their withdrawal.

A fine of five cents will be charged on each volume for each day after it is due.

Fines shall be paid to the Librarian before other books can be drawn.

Marking, turning down leaves, tearing, soiling or otherwise injuring any book is in violation of Library rules, and the borrower will be held responsible.

The Reading Room is open every day of the year, Sundays and legal holidays excepted, from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. It is not closed during vacations. Students, page 120 when not engaged in recitations, or in study at their own rooms, are required to be in the Library during the hours from 9 to 1 and 2 to 4. A strict observance of the rules of the room is enforced at all times, and idlers are not permitted to make the room a resort. The Librarian or his assistant is always present, and renders assistance to any who may desire help in looking up library matter.

Certain books of reference are kept on tables set apart for this purpose, to afford the greatest convenience in consultation.

The Law Library, consisting of 745 vols., forms a part of the General Library, but is in a separate room, adjacent to the Law Lecture room. Members of the Law classes have free access to the books in this library during library hours.

The work of getting up a printed catalogue of the whole collection of books, was undertaken last vacation but not finished before the opening of the school year; and since the library room is also used as a study room, no further progress can be made until the coming vacation, when, it is hoped, the work will be completed.

In view of the fact that an enlargement of the library room will be made in the near future, some attention should be paid to its arrangement in order to secure every convenience. It is the opinion of those having immediate control of the library room, that the best interests of all concerned would be subserved by having a distinct and separate apartment for a study room.

Since the last report nearly one thousand volumes (duplicates) have been taken from the shelves, any one of which will be exchanged for a volume (not a duplicate) of equal value. These books are all in good condition, and many contain the choicest matter. It is the desire of the Librarian to exchange lists with parties having similar collections.

J. H. Drummond

, Librarian.

Ida Hayes

, Assistant Librarian.

* (Presented by publishers.)