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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50



The following is the report of the Department of Book-Keeping for the year ending June 7, 1883:

Students were enrolled as follows:
First Semester 57
Second Semester 84
Total. 141
Less number enrolled both semesters 17
Whole number of separate names enrolled 124
Whole number enrolled last year without duplication 105
Increase 19

Twenty-six students are pursuing the condensed course required in their curricula. Certificates are awarded to those who complete Che prescribed course and obtain a grade of eighty-live. Forty-two have already been awarded certificates as competent book-keepers; thirty-six others will probably be entitled to certificates before the close of the current semester.

Total, number of certificates which will have been issued by the close of the ourrent year 78
Total number issued last year 47
Increase over last year 31
page 116
The following is a list of those who earned certificates prior to April 19. 1883:
  • Allison, W. C.
  • Alvord, Jas. H.
  • Barron. Rob't. F.
  • Carssow, Eugene J.
  • Chapman, G. W.
  • Childress, W. S.
  • Clinkscales, R. L.
  • Conrad, Geo. E.
  • Cox, Jas. A.
  • Crow, Ed. C.
  • Dearmont, W. S.
  • Dempsey, L. N.
  • Edwards, J. G.
  • Fink. Jacob
  • Goddard, Geo. H.
  • Gray, Lewis
  • Giedinghagen, W.
  • Harrington, Wm.
  • Hudson, M. F.
  • Jacobs, S. D.
  • Knight, Ashly B.
  • Booth, H. S.
  • Brown, Thos. P.
  • Burnes, Alonzo D.
  • Kreeger, Jas. L.
  • Lewright, J. O.
  • Manring, E. D.
  • McCague, W. H.
  • Miller, John F.
  • Niedergerke, Fred. E.
  • Orr, F. E.
  • Parmer, Wm. E.
  • Quickenstedt, Fred.
  • Redman, Loid.
  • Robinson, Lucy E.
  • Sallee, Stonewall
  • Shores, A. J.
  • Smith, Bartlett H.
  • Tompson, Lewellyn
  • Trieber, E. E.
  • Walker, Thos. P.
  • Watson, EdgarD.
The following is a list of candidates who will be entitled to certificates at the close of the current semester:
  • Allison, J. O.
  • Barth, Isadore A.
  • Batterton, James
  • Biggs, M. R.
  • Booth, R. E.
  • Bishop, L. F.
  • Brewster, A. T.
  • Butler, W. M.
  • Carter. Nannie J.
  • Hodkins, Chas. E.
  • Jeffords, T.
  • Kaster, Eugene
  • Kern, Minnie M.
  • King, G. L.
  • Lewis, Lucius R.
  • McHarg, Archibald H.
  • McNutt, W. L.
  • Miramontes, Gaudalupe
  • Coates, J. M.
  • Dimmitt, C. C.
  • Elliott, H. W.
  • Ellis, Jeff. D.
  • Evans, J. M.
  • Gladney, E. A.
  • Green, W. Ed.
  • Gromer, S. D.
  • Hays, J. C.
  • Ransdell, H. C.
  • Sanders, J. M.
  • Smith, James L.
  • Smith, J. Weston
  • Swearengen, J. A.
  • Tharrington, J. W.
  • Wharton, Wm. N.
  • Whittle, Thos. P.
  • Withers, John B.

J. P. Royall, Principal.