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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

First Class

First Class.

The students in this class spend four hours each day at practical work; each one is provided with a working table, apparatus and chemical reagents.

The course is begun with blow-pipe work; the student is made acquainted with the reaction of known bodies, and he is then required to perform the experiments for himself, thus becoming familiar with the behavior of such bodies before the blow pipe, and enabling him to detect the composition of substances given to him for identification.

Qualitative analysis is also taken up, and is taught by lectures and experiments: the student being required to repeat at his working table, the tests for bases and acids which have been shown to him. After passing through a systematic course of qualitative analysis, he is required to analyze and report upon substances given to him, including mixtures of salts, also alloys, ores of lead, copper, zinc, antimony, Iron, etc., etc., soils, insoluble silicates and mineral waters.