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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

In the Degree Courses

In the Degree Courses.

First Year.
First Term.

7. Trigonometry, Olney, five hours per week.

Second Term.

8. Univ. Alg. (from Part III) Olney, four hours per week.

9. Descriptive Geometry, Church, four hours per week.

Second Year.
First Term.

10. General Geometry and Calculus, Olney, four hours per week.

11. Spherical and Isometric Projections, Shades and Shadows, four hours per week.

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Second Term.

12. General Geometry and Calculus, four hours per week.

Third Year.
First Term.

13. Rational Mechanics, Dana, four hours per week.

Second Term.

14. (14 a) Advanced Gen. Geometry and Calculus) four hours per week.

14. (14 b) or, Applied Mechanics. four hours per week.

Studies must be taken in the order indicated above, except that course 8 [unclear: hfhh] follow immediately after course 5, and courses 10,12, 13 and 14 may be taken [unclear: before] courses 9 and 11. In course (14 a) Geometry of three dimensions will be taken [unclear: up] followed by advanced work in the Calculus, including some discussion of [unclear: differential] equations.

Course (14 b) will embrace the more important applications of the [unclear: principles of] mechanics to structures and machines. Rankine will be used as the text, with [unclear: lectures] and references.

As elementary Algebra and Geometry lie at the basis of any substantial [unclear: attainments] in mathematics as well as in engineering, great care is taken to secure a [unclear: these] ough mastery of these subjects in the preparatory course.

Information in regard to advanced work for graduate students may be had [unclear: upon] application to the Professor in charge of this department.