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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50



Inasmuch as the Student of Engineering can scarcely read the primers of his [unclear: profession] without a considerable knowledge of Mathematics, and in recognition [unclear: of the] importance of Mathematical studies from an educational as well as from a [unclear: professional] point of view all the work mentioned below is required of candidates for the [unclear: degree] of Civil Engineer, and all except course 14 is required of candidates for the [unclear: degree of] Mining Engineer.

page 97

While special attention is given to the mental discipline of the student in the logical development of the Mathematical processes as arguments, the great practical end of preparing him to attack the problems of physical science by the Mathematical method with its enormous advantages is never for a moment lost sight of.

The attention of those contemplating entering upon the studies of the first year is called to a remark of Prof. Ficklin, found in another part of this report, in which he says: "Imperfect preparation in Algebra is so common as to compel the conviction that sufficient attention is not given to this branch of mathematics in many of the preparatory schools of the State. Its importance cannot well be over-estimated."

It is especially desirable that the pupil have well defined notions of the nature and signification of exponents of every form, and that he be able to give a logical reason for every process involving their use.

The studies of this department are as follows: