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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

The Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners.

This Board consists of Physicians, selected from different Medical Districts, who are eminent in their profession, and possess the confidence of their brethren and of the public, and who have no other relation to the school. Their appointment is for four years, and is made by the Curators of the University. They may be nominated by the different District Medical Societies, and their names sent to the Board of Curators for confirmation.

The duty of this Board consists in examining the candidates for the Degree of Doctor in Medicine, on all the branches embraced in the curriculum of the school.

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They subject to examination all students whose names are presented by the [unclear: Medical] Faculty, as having attained, during the session, the requisite grade of [unclear: scholarship] It is by the decision of this Board, only, that the names of students are [unclear: presented] the general Faculty, and through it to the Board of Curators, as worthy to [unclear: receive] the Doctorate.

Candidates for graduation must have a standing of 85 per cent, in Anatomy [unclear: and] Physiology; of 60 in Chemistry, Toxicology and Pharmacy, and of 75 per cent. [unclear: in] all other studies.

It is the aim of this department to make its honors testimonials of merit, [unclear: and] not mere certificates of an attendance on a prescribed course of instruction.

Medical students are required to take a prescribed course in Analytical [unclear: Chemistry] under the direction of the Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology.

The next session will begin on the 2d Monday in September, 1883, the [unclear: Jun] to course will close the 1st Thursday in May, 1884, and the Senior course the 1st [unclear: Thursday] in June. The fee for tuition for the term of eight or nine months is $40.00; [unclear: for] demonstrator's ticket, $10.00: both are payable at the time of matriculation, and [unclear: required] of every student. No deductions are made, for students entering after the [unclear: beginning] of the session.

A preliminary examination in English is required of those students who [unclear: apply] for admission to the Senior class. The number of persons who can neither [unclear: speed] correctly nor write the English language grammatically, that are annually [unclear: graduate] from our medical and other schools, is astonishingly large. Such graduates are a [unclear: disgrace] to the profession and to the institutions granting them diplomas. The [unclear: fad] rests originally with the primary schools, but it is, doubtless, a graver fault [unclear: for] those who govern professional schools, to admit such uneducated persons to [unclear: their] classes.

All students, before entering the Senior class, must pass a satisfactory [unclear: examination] upon:
(1.)English Grammar (Harvey) and Orthography.
(2.)Rhetoric (Hart).
(3.)History of the United States (Swinton) and its Geography.
(4.)Arithmetic (the four fundamental rules, denominate numbers and common fractions.)

The students will be taught, during the session, the metric system of [unclear: weight] and measures, and the elements of Physics.

The metric system is now almost universally used, and it is of the most [unclear: vital in portance] that medical men should have a knowledge of it.

Any student who has a good common school education, ought to pass such [unclear: a] examination. As the course of instruction is arranged, all students are urged, [unclear: yhdgdfgf] their Junior year, to pursue, in the academic department, any of the above [unclear: branch] in which they may be deficient, or, if necessary, all of them, without extra cost. [unclear: The] after the Junior course has been completed, and they return to enter upon the [unclear: find] or Senior year, they should, with ease, be able to pass the preliminary [unclear: examination] in English. It will be observed that this examination is not required of [unclear: the] Juniors. A young man has, however, the privilege of having the [unclear: examination] whenever he thinks he is prepared for it, whether it is at the beginning or [unclear: end] the Junior year, or beginning of the Senior year.

These literary and scientific examinations are conducted by the Professors of [unclear: the] page 89 University having these subjects in charge, and the grade attained passes to the credit of the student on the books of the institution.

No student is allowed to attend both courses the same year. Before he is permitted to present himself before the Board of Examiners, he must either have attended two (2) courses of eight or nine months in this institution, or present tickets showing that he has attended at least one course in some regular reputable Medical College; and in any event must pass a satisfactory examination in the subjects embraced in the Junior course, previous to his entering the Senior class.

The following shows the studies of the two classes for the entire college year.