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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Girls' Course in Arts

Girls' Course in Arts.

This course is equivalent to any one of the other academic courses, yet is identical with none. In this way it is intended to avoid the fallacy of confounding co-education with identical education. This course is made up substantially of studies selected from the various academic courses previously established, with additional work in literature, composition and criticism, and diversified by studies peculiarly adapted to the culture of woman, such as calisthenics, music, physiology, domestic chemistry and economy.

Believing that women are able to meet the demands of the case, the Girls' Course in Arts is made co-ordinate in rank with the other academic courses, their equivalent in acquisition and their equal in honor, and it takes its place by them in the Synchronistic Table.

The degree of A. D. B. (Artium Domesticarum Baecalaurea) is conferred on those students who complete successfully the studies prescribed in this course, and its graduates will have all the privileges and immunities extended to the graduates in the other academic courses. Only young ladies are admitted to this course and degree.

This Girls' Course in Arts is optional, but thus far its history is that of similar I courses in other institutions; that is, it is more popular with the young ladies than any other of the academic courses. Of the whole number of girls enrolled this; year for the various academic courses, a large per cent, were enrolled for the Girls' Course in Arts. This year there are two candidates for graduation in the A. D. B. Course.

The establishment of a special course for girls has tended to increase their number in the University, and this tendency will necessarily strengthen as the merits of the new course become better known. Last vacation I received a larger number of letters of inquiry than I received during any previous vacation. The number of young ladies attending the University this year is seventy-five.

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Through the appropriation recently made by our Legislature, we will increased facilities in the direction of Chapel, class rooms, society halls and halls. In these improved facilities our girl students will participate; and they be especially encouraged in having an enlarged society hall and study hall. State has done nobly; but let her next General Assembly make an [unclear: appropriate] the erection of a building meeting the requirements of a home for girls and observatory of music in connection with her University, then will she greatly [unclear: much] I the number of its lady students, and make it the dispenser of greater good State and to the nation.