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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Botany and Entomology

Botany and Entomology.

Instruction in botany is given during two semesters. The second semester of [unclear: the] Freshman year is devoted to the study of structural and systematic botany. Less [unclear: attention], however, is given to the use of the text-book than is required for the [unclear: study] of living plants. Each student is required to observe these for himself; to [unclear: study] their forms, habits and actions and the arrangement of their parts, and to [unclear: compare] them carefully with each other. The University greenhouse furnishes [unclear: abundant] means of illustration at all seasons of the year, and during the first semes [unclear: are] of the study, students are required to take weekly exercises in drawing specified parts of plants.

For admission to the class in structural botany students must have completed [unclear: Arithmetic], Geography, English grammar and one semester of Art.

During the second semester of the Sophomore year the subject of Economic [unclear: Botany] is taken up and the more important natural orders are studied with reference [unclear: to] their general characters and the important plants of each. The instruction is [unclear: given] by lectures, supplemented by means of living plants from the greenhouses, [unclear: and] an outline is given of the processes of manufacture of vegetable products [unclear: bed] for food, clothing, drinks, oils, dyes, etc.

During the present year several compound microscopes and a large number of [unclear: amounted] objects for the lantern have been procured and are frequently used for the Illustration of lectures.