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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

4. Agricultural Chemistry

4. Agricultural Chemistry.

A course of lectures on agricultural chemistry is delivered to students in [unclear: Agriculture.] It embraces a scientific exposition of the function of the plant, [unclear: including] production, conversion, transportation and deposition of organic matter [unclear: within] body.

The physiological structure of the green cell is elucidated, and its office, [unclear: as] apparatus capable of doing chemical work depending upon light and heat, [unclear: may] clear. The nitrogenous constituents of the plants are treated in reference [unclear: to] organs, to the nitrogenous fertilizers, and to the nitrogen of the air, leading to the consideration of the mineral matter or ash, and to the growth of plants, as [unclear: depending] upon the character of the soil. Osmose and endosmose of gases and fluids illustrated by experiment, and the influence of climatic conditions explained by [unclear: revenge] to statistics.

The chemical and physical properties of the soil are fully treated of, by [unclear: track] its production from various geological formations through natural agencies, and improvement through mechanical means and fertilizers of various compositions [unclear: a] origin, to its present condition.

The different fertilizers in use, their relative value, and their employment extensive and intensive cultivation, as a paying investment, are discussed finally. One-half of Second Semester, daily, from 10-11.