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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

3. Domestic Chemistry

3. Domestic Chemistry.

A course of lectures on domestic chemistry is given to students who intend to graduate in the girl's course in arts; it is intended to teach the principles of household science, a right understanding of which determines so largely the health, comfort and happiness of the human family, and over which primarily woman is placed to watch and to care. The following topics will present an outline of the work in hand:
1.Air: Respiration, vitiated air and ventilation, heating of houses, clothing for protection against cold and against taking cold, infection, contagion, germ theory of disease.
2.Water: Potable water, hard and soft; impurities in it, such as lead and sewage matters, and their effects upon health and life; mineral waters, pond and sea bathing.page 42
3.Food: Composition and general properties, boiling, roasting, [unclear: baking] pickling, salting, canning, etc., food for infants, invalids and persons in [unclear: sickness] condiments, cooking vessels and the dangers that may result from their use.
4.Cosmetics: Face powders and washes, enamels, hair dyes and [unclear: restoration] I pomatums, essences, tooth powders, soaps, etc—First Semester, daily, from 3-4