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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

X. — The Scholarships and Other Matters Connected therewith


The Scholarships and Other Matters Connected therewith.

The Trustees shall have power, and it shall be their duty:

page 20
1.To establish and maintain, in connection with the University, such a number of free scholarships as the endowment of the institution, considering all its objects, will justify. Such scholarships must be given either to those who, by good conduct and study, have earned the right thereto, or to the deserving children of those who, dying without means in the service of the State, or in the cause of humanity, have a special claim upon the good-will of mankind.
2.To fix the terms and conditions upon which the students generally may be admitted to all or any of the privileges of the University.
3.To fix the terms and conditions upon which the students of the public and private schools and other deserving persons may attend the lectures of the University, or engage in original research thereat, and the terms and conditions upon which the agricultural farms, laboratories, museums, art galleries, mechanical institutes, conservatories and other institutions, part of the University, shall be opened to deserving persons, without their becoming students thereof.
4.To establish and have given at the University, by its ablest professors, courses of lectures upon the science of government, and upon law, medicine, mechanics and the other arts and sciences, which shall be free to the post-graduates of the colleges of the University hereby founded, and to post-graduates of all other colleges and universities, and to all deserving persons, to the full capacity of the lecture rooms, under such rules and regulations as the Trustees may adopt.