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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Lecture VII. — Roofs

Lecture VII.


Three great classes, viz.: flat, arched, and ridged.—Flat roofs: Eastern types—Stone roofs of the Lejah—Roofs of Egyptian temples—Flat timber roofs of Assyria and Persia—Present construction of flat roofs in India—Tile terrace roofs much used in London—This principle might be greatly extended—Flat terraced roofs of Ycatan—How to lay a lead flat.—Arched roofs: Early British huts—Esquimaux huts—Lycian tombs—Bhuddist caves—Modern Bengal roofs—Roman vaulted roofs—Domes—Church at Mousta, Malta—Indian system of bracketing—Indian horizontal domes—Principles of Indian dome-vaulting—System of construction—Dome decoration—Vaulted corridors in Cambodia.—Ridged roofs: Stone ridged roofs—Gothic roofs—Principles of Gothic timber roofs—Hampton Court, Westminster Hall, Eltham Palace—Timber roofs on the principle of the arch—Philibert de I'Orme, Halle au Blé, Paris—Pantheon Bazaar—Emy's laminated rib—King's Cross Station roof, Gt. Northern Railway.