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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

The Recidiviste Question

The Recidiviste Question.

Mr. Douglas: I ask leave to move, without notice, a motion which I would like to have taken into consideration by the Standing Committee during the recess, and that is to "call attention to the desirability of some action being taken by the Standing Committee, during the recess, with regard to the influx into Australia, from New Caledonia, of French criminals." I was in hopes that the danger which was threatened from the importation of recidivistes would not sake place, but since then it appears that the French are, according to their own statement, sending out men of a very bad description, though not the worst. The matter is one of those that will naturally come under the notice of the Standing Committee during the recess, and it ought to be before them at once, because it involves an international question of great importance, and the Standing Committee will no doubt devise some method by which the influx of these criminals into these colonies will be prevented. As the hon. member for Fiji has already stated they caused a great deal of inconvenience in that colony, whilst in Queensland the same thing has occurred there to a larger extent. In New South Wales also the same thing has occurred, whilst even in Victoria there are a number of these undesirable characters.

Mr. Berry: There are a good many.

Mr. Douglas: Under these circumstances, I will move the suspension of the standing orders, in order that I may move the motion without notice.

The standing orders being suspended, the motion was put and passed.