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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

University of New Zealand. — Natural Science.—Biology. — Paper a. General Principles

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University of New Zealand.

Natural Science.—Biology.

Paper a. General Principles.

1.Give an account of the properties, chemical nature, and probable physiological significance of Hæmoglobin and of Chlorophyll.
2."In plants the reproductive arrangements, in animals the nutritional, have determined the successive steps of structural elaboration." Illustrate and comment on this statement.
3.Enumerate and classify the chief tissues of plants and of animals. Point out tissues, in plants on the one hand and animals on the other, which have a structural similarity.
4.What are the main features of growth from the egg exhibited respectively by the Cœlenterate and the Cœlomate grades of the animal series.
5.To what generalization do the Carnivorous plants form an exception? Mention and describe the various kinds of Carnivorous plants which are known.
6.What arc zoo-geographical provinces? Mention the chief and their characteristics. In what respects is the flora of New Zealand peculiar? and in what respects is its fauna so?