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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Amendments to Statutes, — Made at The Session of Senate, 1835

Amendments to Statutes,

Made at The Session of Senate, 1835.

1.The Statute "Terms and Lectures." The fee, instead of being three guineas for the whole examination, is now one guinea for each subject taken.
2.The Statute "The Entrance Examination." Candidates for the Medical Preliminary have now to pass more subjects at their first examination than candidates for matriculation only, that is, the first seven compulsory subjects cannot be divided, but must be taken at one examination.
3.The Statute "Matriculation." Algebra and Euclid are now no longer compulsory; and geography now includes political as well as physical geography.
4.The Statute "The Degree of Bachelor of Arts." Mathematics is now divided into two subjects, "Pure Mathematics" (including elementary geometry, trigonometry and algebra) and "Applied Mathematics" (including elementary page 121 mechanics and hydrostatics). "Natural Science" instead of being two subjects is now one, making it compulsory for a candidate in that subject to take up general biology and with it either botany, zoology, or geology. Six subjects are now compulsory instead of four, and two of these must be Latin and Pure Mathematics: instead of passing two or three subjects at the first examination a candidate has now to pass three or four.
5.The Statute "Honours in Arts."—Section III.: In group I., Languages and Literature, Latin and one Modern Language may be taken instead of two. A consequent change occurs in paragraph D.
6.The Statute "the Degree of Master of Arts."—A similar amendment to that made in the Statute "Of Honours."
7.The Statute "Junior Scholarships."—The words "or of Bachelor of Science" are added to Section VII.
8.The Statute "Senior Scholarships."—Section II.: A similar amendment to that made m the Statute "Of Honours." In Section V., VI. and VII. the words "or of Bachelor of Science" are inserted after "Bachelor of Arts."
9.The Statute "The Medical Scholarship" is repealed.
10.The Statute "The Preliminary Examination of Medical Students."—Section III.: The words "at one examination" are added.
11.The Statute "University Fees."—Section I.: Candidates who have failed at an examination are no longer exempt from paying fees if they come up again. Section II. contains alterations and additions.
13.New Statutes are Enacted as Follows:—"Degrees" and "Honours in Science."