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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Section III.—Colleges. — Chapter VIII.—Affiliated Institutions

Section III.—Colleges.

Chapter VIII.—Affiliated Institutions.

I.Collegiate or scholastic institutions in the colony may be affiliated under the following conditions:—
(a)That such institutions provide, for the purpose of teaching and lecturing, lecture rooms with suitable apparatus and appliances.
(b)That for a period of not less than six months in each year lectures shall be regularly given by the teachers and lecturers of such institutions.
(c)That it be shown to the satisfaction of the Senate that such institutions are competent to supply, through their professors, lecturers, and teachers, a three years' course of instruction in Latin, Mathematics, and not less than three of the other subjects of study prescribed for the B.A. degree,
II.It shall be the duty of the governing body of each affiliated institution to make a report to the Senate, in the month of December in each year, of the number and subjects of lectures delivered to the undergraduates in such institution during the year last past, and such report shall include a statement of the terms kept, the conditions on which attendance is reckoned, and the general course of instruction followed.page 64
III.Any institution affiliated to the University may cease to be so affiliated upon application to that effect being made by the governing body of such institution to the Chancellor, or by resolution of the Senate if the annual report be not made, or if the report shall fail to show that the three years' course of instruction required in the conditions of affiliation is duly supplied.
IV.Each affiliated institution shall, between the first day of October and the thirty-first day of December in each year, hold examinations in all the subjects taught under the conditions of affiliation in which students may desire to be examined.

The names of the undergraduates who shall have passed the several examinations shall be arranged in three classes, and in alphabetical order.

The class lists, together with the papers set, and the answers thereto, shall be forwarded to the Registrar.