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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Section VIII—Peizes. — Chapter XIV.—The Bowen Prize

Section VIII—Peizes.

Chapter XIV.—The Bowen Prize.

I.There shall be a yearly prize, to be called the "Bowen Prize," of the value of not less than five pounds (£5), to be given for the best essay, as hereinafter provided. The prize, if a medal, shall be impressed with the arms of the University, and with the words "Bowen Prize" on the obverse side of the medal, and, if of books, each volume shall be impressed with the arms of the University, and shall be suitably bound.
II.The prize shall be open to all matriculated students of the University who shall not have taken their degree.
III.The Examiner shall be the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, and one other person to be appointed by the Senate of the University in each year: Provided that such last-mentioned person shall hold office till the appointment of his successor: Provided also that, in the case of a vacancy occurring in the above-mentioned body of Examiners, the Chancellor, or in his absence, or in case of his inability from any cause to act, the Vice-Chancellor shall appoint some tit person to supply such vacancy.
IV.The subject for the essay shall be selected by the Examiners appointed as above, or any two of them, and shall be given out in the month of March in each year; and the essays shall be sent in to the Registrar before the thirty-first day "of December next ensuing (1).page 70
V.The subject of the essay shall be connected with, or shall bear reference to, British history, or the history, institutions, or destinies, of the British colonies, or any of them.

1 The Essays must be sent in with a motto prefixed but without the name of the writer attached thereto. The name and address of the candidate must be enclosed in a separate sealed envelope, on the outside of which is to be written the motto prefixed to the essay.