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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Chapter XII.—Matriculation

Chapter XII.—Matriculation.

Candidates for Matriculation shall, before they are admitted as students of the University, be examined in six or more of the following subjects:—

Latin [compulsory].—Translation at sight of easy passages from Latin into English; translation of easy passages from English into Latin; questions on grammar.


English [compulsory].—Dictation; precis-writing; grammar; composition.


Arithmetic [compulsory].—Fundamental rules; vulgar and decimal fractions; proportion; square root.

page 67

Greek.—As in Latin.


French.—As in Latin.


German or Italian.—As in Latin.


Algebra.—To simple equations, inclusive, with easy problems.


Euclid.—Books I. and II.


History.—History of England from the accession of William III. to the accession of Victoria.


Geography.—Political and Physical.


Mechanics.—Elementary mechanics of solids and fluids.


Elementary Physics.—Heat, Sound, Light, and Electricity.


Elementary Chemistry.—The non-metallic elements and the atomic theory.


Elementary Biology.—A paper containing questions on both Zoology and Botany; but candidates will not be required to answer questions in more than one subject.

Zoology.—Elements of animal physiology.

Botany.—Elements of the morphology and physiology of flowering plants, including the main characteristics of the chief native and introduced natural orders.


Each candidate will be required to pass in at least six subjects, of which Latin, English and Arithmetic must be three. The Chancellor, on consideration of the reports of the Examiners, shall declare whether the several candidates respectively have passed.


Successful candidates for junior scholarships shall be held to have passed the Matriculation Examination and unsuccessful candidates may be admitted to matriculation by the Chancellor, on consideration of the reports of the Examiners.

Every student shall, at matriculation, make the following declaration:— page 68

"I do solemnly promise that I will faithfully obey the Statutes of the University, so far as they apply to me; and I hereby declare that I believe myself to have attained the age of sixteen years."


The fee for the Matriculation Examination shall be one guinea.