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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Section V.—Examinations. — Chapter X.—Conduct of University Examinations

Section V.—Examinations.

Chapter X.—Conduct of University Examinations.

I.The examinations shall be held at such places within the colony as shall be appointed by the Chancellor, and at the times notified in the calendar for each year.
II.Every candidate for examination shall give notice (1) in writing of his intention to present himself for examination, and such notice must be in the hands of the Registrar by the date notified in the Calendar for each year, and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee.
III.The examinations shall be conducted by means of papers to be severally prepared by the Examiners, and three hours shall be allowed for each paper.page 66
IV.Candidates shall write out answers to the questions in the presence of a Supervisor, who shall be appointed by the Chancellor, and in accordance with such detailed instructions as may be furnished by the Chancellor.
V.The written answers shall be transmitted by the Supervisor to the Registrar, and shall by him be transmitted to the Examiners—that is to say, each answer to the Examiner who set the paper, who shall examine the same and report thereon to the Chancellor.
VI.The Examiners and Supervisors shall receive such remuneration for their services as the Senate shall in each case determine.
VII.As soon as convenient after the examination, each Examiner shall return the papers of the candidates to the Registrar, or to the University's agent in the country where the Examiners may reside.

1 Candidates for Junior Scholarships must state the schools in which they have been educated during the prevous five years.