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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

The Two Carpenter and Turning Shops

The Two Carpenter and Turning Shops.

For details of these shops, each 40 by 50 feet, see cuts of second and third floors. Each shop is used both as a carpenter and as a turning shop. Each shop contains twenty-four benches, vises, lathes, and sets of tools for use in common (besides the 72 sets of edge tools for individual use), a power grindstone, the instructor's desk and bench, and the requisite quota of clamps, glue- page break
Plan of First Story.

Plan of First Story.

A. Anvils (twenty-two in all).

B. Machinists' Benches.

C. Closets for shop clothes.

D. Drills.

F. Forges.

G. Grindstone.

L. Engine Lathes (twelve in all).

P. Planers.

S. O. Superintendent's Office.

page break
Plan of Second Story.

Plan of Second Story.

B. Carpenters' Benches.

C. Tool Closets.

G. Grindstones.

L. Speed Lathes (twenty-four in all)

I. B. Instructor's Bench.

S. S. Settees.

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pots, etc. A double circular-saw machine is provided for getting out stock (" blanks" for a class).

Thus the school has 48 speed-lathes for wood turning. 48 benches, vises, and common (non-cutting) tools, and 120 individual sets of edge-tools and drawers.