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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 44


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So much has been written respecting New Zealand that some apology seems necessary for adding to it. The following Lecture is, however, not intended so much for instruction as for illustration. The valuable Handbook of Sir Julius Vogel, the Agent-General for New Zealand, and a Paper read by him before the Colonial Institute, pretty well exhaust the subject as far as general information is concerned. The aim of the compiler of this 'lecture has been to give a few life sketches illustrative of the position and prospects of Englishmen settled in New Zealand. His visit to the colony was for the express purpose of seeing for himself how the emigrant from the old home took to his new one.

The letters to the Daily News embodying the results of his investigations are reprinted at the request of gentlemen interested in the welfare of New Zealand, who deemed their generally favourable testimony as specially valuable on account of its absolutely independent character. The lecture, as indicated by the title, traverses a somewhat different line, being intended to illustrate New Zealand possibilities as regards Middle-class Emigrants rather than actualities as regards the Labourers. Combined, it is hoped that their publication may be useful in overcoming prejudices or misapprehensions which prevent multitudes from availing themselves of the splendid advantages of the "England of the Pacific."

For the pictorial illustrations the author is indebted to the courtesy of Sir Julius Vogel, from whose Handbook of New Zealand they are borrowed.

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