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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 27

Works by John Page Hopps

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Works by John Page Hopps.

Summer Morning Songs and Sermons. Half-a-crown.

Beside the Still Waters: Spoken meditations on the permanent realities of personal religion. Two Shillings.

Discourses of Daily Duty and Daily Care. Second Edition. Two Shillings.

The Life of Jesus. Re-written for Young Disciples. Fifth Edition. Richly bound, gilt extra. One Shilling.

A Scientific Basis of Belief in a Future Life. Six Lectures. One Shilling.

Six Lectures on Channing, and his teachings concerning God, Man, Jesus, Christianity, the Bible, and the Future Life. One Shilling.

Twelve Sunday Morning Prayers: for the Twelve Months of the Year. One Shilling.

Spirit-Life in God the Spirit: A Meditation on God and Immortality. One Shilling.

First Principles of Religion and Morality. Twenty Lectures, mainly for the Young. One Shilling.

Verses by the Way. One Shilling.

The Plain Truth About the Bible: an inquiry into its origin, age, and authority. Sixpence.

The Alleged Prophecies Concerning Jesus Christ in the Old Testament:—five Lectures on Prophecy and the true meaning of the passages of Scripture usually regarded as foretelling the advent and work of Christ. Sixpence.

Light for Bible Readers: Notes on a Hundred Passages of Scripture, usually quoted to prove the Deity of Christ, the Separate Personality of the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, Salvation by the Punishment of Christ in our stead, and Everlasting Torments. A new edition (eleventh thousand). Threepence.