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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 22

The Victoria Institute, or Philosophical Society of Great Britain, 7, Adelphi Terrace, Strand, London, W.C

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The Victoria Institute, or Philosophical Society of Great Britain, 7, Adelphi Terrace, Strand, London, W.C.

Victoria Institute Founded A.D. 1865

Victoria Institute Founded A.D. 1865

Correspondence (including communications from intending Members or Associates, &c.) to be addressed to "The Secretary." (For Subscription, see next page).

The Primary Objects.

This Society has been founded for the purpose of promoting the following Objects, which will be admitted by all to be of high importance both to Religion and Science :

First.—To investigate fully and impartially the most important questions of Philosophy and Science, but more especially those that bear upon the great truths revealed in Holy Scripture, with the view of reconciling any apparent discrepancies between Christianity and Science.

Second.—To associate Men of Science and Authors* who have already been engaged in such investigations, and all others who may be interested in them, in order to strengthen their efforts by association, and by bringing together the results of such labours, after full discussion, in the printed Transactions of an Institution; to give greater force and influence to proofs and arguments which might be little known, or even disregarded, if put forward merely by individuals.

[For the special advantages secured to Country and Colonial Members and Associates in the Journal of Transactions, see next page.]

Third.—To consider the mutual bearings of the various scientific conclusions arrived at in the several distinct branches into which Science is now divided, in order to get rid of contradictions and conflicting hypotheses, and thus promote the real advancement of true Science; and to examine and discuss all supposed scientific results with reference to final causes, and the more comprehensive and fundamental principles of Philosophy proper, based upon faith in the existence of one Eternal God, who in His wisdom created all things very good.

The Journal of Transactions

Is arranged so as to secure its special usefulness to Country and Foreign Members and Associates (who form two-thirds of the Institute). It contains the Papers read at the Meetings, and the Discussions thereon.

Before they are published in the Journal, the papers themselves, and the discussions, are revised and corrected by their Authors, and MS. comments and supplementary remarks are added, which have been sent in by those Home and Foreign Members to whom, as being specially qualified to pronounce an opinion upon the respective subjects, proof copies of the Papers have been submitted for consideration. These arrangements, which cannot but add to the value of the Journal, are carried out with a view to the advantage of all, especially Country and Foreign Members, who thus find in the Journal much valuable matter, in addition to that which had come before those actually present at the Meetings.

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Membership and Subscriptions.

Intending Members and Associates are requested to apply to "The Secretaty"

The Annual Subscription for Members is Two Guineas, with One Guinea Entrance Fee (see privileges). The Annual Subscription for Associates is Ont j Guinea, without Entrance Fee.

In lieu of Annual Subscription, the payment of Twenty Guineas (without Entrance Fee) will constitute a Life Member, or Ten Guineas a Life Associate.

The payment of a Donation of not less than Sixty Guineas qualifies for the office; of Vice-Patron, with all the privileges of a Life Member or Life Associate.

[It is to be understood, that only such as are professedly Christians are entitled to become Members.]

∵ All Subscriptions are payable to the "Victoria Institute's" credit at! Messrs. "Ransom," 1, Pall Mall East, S.W., or may be remitted to "W. N. West', Esq., (the Treasurer), at the Institute's Office.


Members—on election, are presented with any Volume of the First or Second Series of the Journal of the Transactions, and are entitled—to a Copy of the Journal, either in the Quarterly Parts, or the Annual (bound) Volume, for the years during which they may subscribe, and to a copy of any other documents or books which may be published under the auspices of the Society in furtherance of Object VI, and, on application, to a copy of every paper published in the "People's Edition'*; to the use of the Library (Booh can be sent to the country), Reading and Writing-rooms (affording many of the convenient of a Club); and to introduce two Visitors at each Meeting. The Council are chosen from among the Members, who alone are eligible to vote by ballot in determining any question at a General Meeting. Members are further privileged to obtain any Volumes, other I than that chosen, of the Transactions issued prior to their joining the Institute at half-price (half-a-guinea each), or any Quarterly Parts for past years at half-a-crown each.

The Library, Reading and Writing-rooms are open, for the use of the Members only, from ten till live (Saturdays till two). The Institute exchanges Transactions with the Royal Society and many other loading English and Foreign Scientific bodies, whose transaction are therefore added to the Library.

Associates—are entitled, to the Journal, in Quarterly Parts or in the Annual Volume, for the years during which they may subscribe; to obtain the earlier Volumes or Part at a reduced price; and to introduce one Visitor at each Meeting.

Members and Associates have the right to be present at all Meetings of the Society.

The Meetings, of which due notice is given, are held at 7, Adelphi Terrace, at Eights o'clock on the evenings of the First and Third Mondays of the Winter, Spring, and Summer Months. Proof Copies of the Papers to be road can be had by those desirous of placing their opinions thereon before the Members (when unable to attend, they can do this in writing).

Members and Associates on 1st January, 1871, 203. Joined since.—In 1871,91 1872,109 1873,110;—1874, 111;—1875,115;—1878,107;—1877,100.
Members and Associates joined during 1878.
Foreign and Colonial 30
Country 67
London (residing within Postal District) 14

* The Society now consists of 750 Subscribing Members (Nearly Two-Thirds of whom are Country and Foreign Members); including His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury and other Prelates and loading Ministers of Religion, Professors of English and Foreign Universities, Literary and Scientific Men in general, and others favourable to the Objects. (The present average annual increase is upwards of a hundred.)