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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 22

Section III.—Method of proposing and electing Fellows

Section III.—Method of proposing and electing Fellows.

1.—Every Candidate for Admission into the Society, as a Fellow, lust be proposed by three or more Fellows, who must sign a certificate in recommendation of him*.

2.—The certificate must set forth the names, description, place for residence, and qualifications of the Candidate, and state that he is derous of becoming a Fellow.

3.—The proposer whose name stands first upon the certificate most have personal knowledge of the Candidate, and must certify to that effect upon the certificate.

4.—Such proposer, before proposing the Candidate, must make kown to him to what payments of money, in the event of his being electedhe will forthwith or may afterwards become liable, in respect of admison-fee, annual contribution, or composition-money. [See Sect. VI.]

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5.—The certificate, when duly filled up, must be delivered at the House of the Society, addressed to the Clerk, who shall write upon it the date of the day whereon he received it, and lay it before the Council at their next meeting.

6.—The certificate shall be read aloud by one of the Secretaries at the three ordinary general meetings of the Fellows next ensuing such meeting of the Council, and, during the intervals between those three meetings, shall be suspended in a conspicuous place appropriated to that purpose, in one of the rooms of the Society.

7.—The method of voting for the election of Fellows is by Ballot.

8.—The ballot shall take place at the ordinary general meeting at which the certificate is appointed to be read the third time, and immediately after such reading.

9.—No such ballot is valid unless eleven or more Fellows ballot.

10.—When two-thirds or more, of the Fellows balloting shall be in favour of the Candidate, such Candidate shall be elected a Fellow; hut when fewer than two-thirds of the Fellows balloting shall be in favour of the Candidate, he shall not be elected a Fellow.

* Blank Certificates, of the form required, to which is appended a summary of he Bye-Laws relating to the admission-fee, the annual contribution, and the composition-money may be had of the Clerk, at the House of the Society.