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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 22

Section XXI.—Original Papers and Transactions

Section XXI.—Original Papers and Transactions.

1.—Every paper communicated to the Society, in order to be read at its meetings, shall be deemed the property of the Society from the time of its being delivered at the House of the Society, unless any previous engagement to the contrary have been made with the author.

2.—Papers shall be read, as nearly as may be, without alteration, and in the order of time in which they are delivered; and should any deviation from this rule occur, it must be reported by the President to the Council.

3.—Selections of the papers read before the Society shall be published*, from time to time, under the title of "Transactions of the Geological Society of London."

4.—The consideration of the papers to be selected for publication, and of the form in which, and the time when they shall be published, shall be referred to the Council.

5.—At the first meeting of the Council after the reading of a paper, the Chairman of the Council shall appoint a Referee, to examine the paper and to report thereon: and after the report of the Referee shall have been presented to the Council, the question of publishing or not publishing the paper shall be submitted to their consideration and decided by ballot.

6.—If an Author shall signify to the Council his desire that his paper may not be published, the question of publishing it shall not be taken into consideration.

7.—Such communications as the Council shall determine not to publish shall be preserved among the records of the Society.

8.—An author shall be entitled to borrow his own manuscript for the purpose of taking a copy, on engaging either to return it, or, in case of his printing the same, to present the Society with a printed copy.

* Since 1845 the papers read before the Society have also been printed, either in abstract or in full, in the Quarterly Journal of the Society.