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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

41.—Effect of their Manoeuvres in 1690-1

41.—Effect of their Manoeuvres in 1690-1.

In 1690, by the Statute 2 W. & M., Sess. 2 c. 1, an aid is granted to their Majesties of the sum of £1,651,702 18s., which is directed to be "assessed equally by a pound rate upon all lands, tenements, hereditaments, annuities, rent charges and other rents, parks, warrens, goods, chattels, stock, merchandises, offices (other than military offices and offices relating to the navy, under the command of the Commissioners of the Admiralty, and officers within their Majesties' household), tolls, profits, and all other estates both real and personal" n.

In 1691, by Statute 3 W. & M. c. 5, another aid of £1,651,702 18s. is granted to their Majesties in precisely the same words as those of the last-mentioned Statute.

It will be perceived that these two last Statutes are a departure from the principle of the three immediately preceding ones, and that a less sum was granted than had been raised under them, viz., the 1 W. & M., Sess. 1 c. 20; the 1 W. & M., Sess. 1 c. 1; and the 1 W. & M., Sess. 2 c. 5; by which a rate of 4s. in the pound is to be levied on the full bonâ fide rental of the land in the kingdom; whereas in the two latter, viz., the 2 W. & M., Sess 2 c. 1, and the 3 W. & M. c. 5, a fixed sum is to be made up out of the annual profits of all the property, real and personal, of the kingdom, including stock on land, as by 1 W. & M. o. 3, whilst another principle, a sort of modification of this last, was, as we shall see, introduced afterwards, by which stock on land is exempted and the rate on other personal property is fixed; but that on land and other real property is not fixed, being made to depend (at least by the words of the act, though it appears the practice was otherwise) on the proportion of the whole amount specified that remained to be made up after personal property had paid its quota.