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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

Financial Reforms Achieved

Financial Reforms Achieved.

  • 1841.—Sugar duty (foreign) reduced.
  • 1842.—Stamp duties reduced: duties on 750 articles lowered.
  • 1844.—Glass duties lowered and equalized. Taxes on Wool and Vinegar repealed; those on Currants and Marine Insurance greatly reduced.
  • 1845.—Duties abolished on 430 articles, including exported Coal. Sugar reduced. Cotton, Glass, and Auction duties abolished; also tax on Baltic Staves.
  • 1850.—Brick duty repealed. Stamps on Land-transfer lowered.
  • 1851.—Window tax exchanged for House duty. Coffee reduced 3d. per lb. Duty on Seeds lowered to 1s. per cwt; also timber lowered.
  • 1852.—Hops and Malt excise reduced by half. Tea arranged to be lowered to 1s.
  • 1853.—123 Customs duties abolished and 133 reduced. Succession duty imposed. Spirit duties and assessed taxes equalized. Soap excise abolished. Coach and Cab taxes reduced.
  • 1854.—Bill Stamps reduced.
  • 1857.—Duties on Malt, Tea, and Sugar (which had been raised during Crimean war) lowered again.
  • 1860.—Duties abolished on Butter and Cheese, Oranges, Tallow, &c. Duties reduced on Timber, Currants, Hops, &c.
  • 1861.—Paper duty abolished.
  • 1862.—Wine duties lowered and adjusted. Customs and Excise on Hops repealed.
  • 1863.—Coffee and Chicory equalized. Tea tax @ 1s. per lb. this year.
  • 1864.—Fire Insurance duty lowered to 1s. 6d. Portion of Malt duty surrenderdd.
  • 1865.—Tea reduced to 6d. per lb.
  • 1866.—Taxes on Timber and Pepper abolished. Wine modified. Carriage and Post Horse duties lowered.
  • 1867.—Marine Insurance duty equalized.
  • 1869.—Corn duty of 1s. abolished, also duty on Fire Policies. Taxes on Hair Powder, Post Horses, and Tea licenses abolished. Cab and Carriage taxes lowered.
  • 1870.—Sugar reduced one half. Hawker's license abolished. Hail and Cattle Insurance freed from tax.
  • 1872.—Coffee and Chicory lowered.
  • 1873.—Sugar reduced again by half.
  • 1874.—Sugar duties abolished, also Horse duty and License to deal.
  • 1880.—Malt tax repealed.
  • 1881.—Legacy duties simplified and reformed.
  • 1883.—Railway Passenger duty reduced.
  • 1885.—Certain Corporate properties made chargeable which formerly escaped Succession Duty.

In the gaining of all these improvements of Taxation (since 1848) the Financial Reform Association claims to have had a large, if not the principal share. Through its monthly journal, its millions upon millions of circulated tracts, the constant activity of its lecturers, the Influence exercised by its leading supporters in and out of Parliament, and last—but not least—by the 22 years' issue of this Almanack, the Association has created and stimulated public opinion, and is still vigilant In the task. Are there not many readers of this book inclined to join so useful an organization and to contribute to its funds for scattering political and financial knowledge amongst the electors?